Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

Riding the wave of the housing market, a new real estate company with bold plans to establish more than 70 offices across Australia has opened in Sydney.


Stone officially launched last week, and its CEO Peter Mumford says regardless of market volatility he’s confident his dynamic company will stand the test of time.


“It’s not difficult to sell a property in times such as these but to get the best outcome regardless of the economic climate requires strategy far beyond what agencies are currently capable of delivering,” said Mr Mumford.


Over the past decade, Mr Mumford said Australian Real Estate companies have been perceived as stagnant and slow moving.


“This was of concern to me in establishing a new business. That’s why I researched best practices in innovation and organisational development in order to create a more effective way of doing real estate. The birth of Stone was a way of delivering unmet customer needs and wants in a way that would fundamentally change the industry. The Stone business model is not an industry roll-up.  Nor is it the franchising model that prevails with the contemporary large real estate groups. It is unique, and will revolutionise the industry in Australia.


“I wanted to create a business model that provided clients with an exceptional level of service, developing streamlined systems that empowered customers and prevented them from dealing with inconsistencies in service. My way of removing negative stressors from the buying and selling process began with bringing expert level brokers, solicitors, investors and state-of-the-art CRM systems to develop a integrated, holistic approach not yet seen in the industry.


“Our team is determined to revolutionize the real estate industry for good; we hope to establish 70 offices throughout Australia in the next five years.” 


Mr Mumford said he was acutely aware of the importance of building a culture of highly engaged employees in order to support fulfilling and successful careers for his staff.  Based on the latest Harvard research on employee motivation and its link to unparalleled customer service gave rise to his shareholding partnership model.


“What this means is that we fund agents into being shareholders with us at Stone. We take care of all the day-to-day management freeing up agents to do what they do best without the burden of being managers.  It is a brand that will offer personal performance coaching, wealth education free to our staff as well as assisting our Agents to create asset growth with a stake in the company.


“People might think it’s daring to develop such innovative plans for real estate during such times within this industry but I’m interested in bucking the trend and giving our customers a better, more progressive way of doing real estate.”


Stone is currently located in Manly, Seaforth, Lane Cove and Mona Vale.


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