Tuesday, April 7th, 2015
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DeVille's Contract


by Scott Zarcinas

Launch Date:

21 June 2015

RRP $24.95

ISBN: 9780992447359

DoctorZed Publishing

Fiction / Action / Mystery


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CEO Signs Unbreakable Contract for Eternity

by Scott Zarcinas

With his experience in the medical profession and pharmaceutical industry, both in Australia and the UK, Dr. Scott Zarcinas has woven a fascinating tale of corporate corruption and its ultimate consequences - consequences that have reverberations even into the Afterlife.


Adelaide, SA - April 2015 — The 3rd book in the series of The Pilgrim Chronicles, DeVille's Contract opens with an interesting premise: a pharmaceutical company planning to create and market a 'new disease' for an existing drug for which they have an over-supply.


Louis DeVille, CEO, is the mastermind behind the plan. But before he can implement it, he has a heart attack at his desk and wakes up in the underground mega-city of LeMont International Enterprises. He's been headhunted by The Boss, who likes the way he does business — devilishly.


At first Louis thinks he's in 7th heaven, as everything he's ever wanted is right at his beckon call. But soon things start to go wrong and Louis starts to reassess his situation. He must find a way to break the unbreakable contract he's just signed and escape his living hell — a hell he knows he's created himself.


About Dr. Scott Zarcinas — Scott Zarcinas is the author of Samantha Honeycomb, The Golden Chalice, Thanksgiving Day and Your Natural State of Being. He is the Founder of Unlocking Your Life seminars. He lives in Adelaide, South Australia, with his wife and daughters.



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