Sunday, May 2nd, 2010
Adelaide-based gourmet coffee company, Baristador Coffee, is using Fair Trade Fortnight, May 1-16, to pay for people to convert friends to Fairtrade espresso coffee.

“The whole thrust of Fair Trade Fortnight is for consumers to swap conventional items they buy, like coffee, chocolate, bananas, for Fair Trade versions,” says Steve Davis, espresso evangelist and founder of Baristador Coffee.

“Surveys show us most people understand the concept of Fair Trade and are warm towards it, but only a few among us actually take the next step of buying Fair Trade products.

“So the idea behind Baristador’s convert-a-friend offer is to give a friendly nudge to coffee lovers to think again about the coffee they’re buying and say ‘if you’ll buy some Fairtrade coffee for yourself I will buy a couple for you to share with friends’.

“I am hoping it is a no-brainer and that this little gesture will let espresso fanatics discover that you can still drink superb coffee, even though it is 100 percent Fairtrade certified.”

The Baristador Coffee convert-a-friend offer is available until May 16, 2010, for online sales via

“I’ve budgeted to pay for the first 400 Fair Trade Fortnight orders but I’d love to be faced with the problem of having to scratch around to fund even more, as part of my commitment to Fair Trade,” says Steve.


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Baristador Coffee

Baristador Coffee is a coffee service for lovers of fine, espresso coffee beans and blends, who want or need to reduce their caffeine intake while still enjoying full-flavoured, top-shelf coffee. It now also offers a Fairtrade Espresso Blend and planning is underway to adapt its full range to be 100 percent Fairtrade certified. Ironically, the company's adoption of Fairtrade coffee was accidental - as explained on the company website

Steve Davis’ mission is to wean people away from cheap beans and instant coffees, borne of pesticides and social injustice, and move them towards a higher appreciation for boutique blends that are organically produced and traded fairly.

There are now five core products:
  • The Fairtrade Blend FT1 (100 per cent Fairtrade certified, full caffeine)
  • The Benchmark Blend B99 (full caffeine content of standard espresso blends)
  • The Benchmark Blend B70 (30 per cent less caffeine than standard espresso blends)
  • The Benchmark Blend B30 (70 per cent less caffeine)
  • The Benchmark Blend B01 (my organic, Swiss Water Method-processed, “decaf” blend, which has as close to no caffeine as I can claim)
The range retails for $14.50 per pack with three “grinds” available – espresso, plunger, and whole beans. Baristador Coffee is available through a small but growing number of naturopath practices and directly through
Delivery is free for orders of two or more bags, delivered anywhere in Australia.
Steve Davis
P: 0403022077


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