Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Perth, Western Australia,  5 May, 2010 -  Australian technology company Pty Ltd has launched the country’s first online video screening service for employers and recruiters.

Job applicants complete an online recorded interview, via webcam, which can be carried out at any time and location, even at home.

The site has been developed by IT specialists Des Sleight and Patrick Green as a complementary tool to the growing plethora of Job Board sites which address the job vacancy advertising market.

“After years of recruiting in the IT industry, we wanted to reduce the time wasted on interviewing applicants who presented well on paper with their CV and covering letter, and then quickly failed at the face to face interview,” said Des Sleigh, Executive Director of “Personality, communication skills and appearance can now all contribute to the recruiters choice of applicants for the final face to face interview.“ allows recruiters to invite applicants to an interview once they have submitted their job application. Employers and Recruiting firms can continue to advertise on their preferred job site, or also offers a total solution through its own Job board postings which comes free when purchasing interviews for a job. The facility uses everyday webcam, Internet and browser software to record and playback applicants’ responses to the employer’s chosen interview questions.

Offering recruiters a way to see and hear applicants presenting themselves and answering the recruiter’s questions is only one advantage. Other examples are;

- Interviewing the traditional way always involves logistical issues of agreeing a suitable time with each applicant, setting up an interview meeting room, coordinating colleague’s time if there is to be an interview panel, and of course there is the inconvenience if the appointment has to change for some reason.

- Then there are the occasions when one minute into the interview, you know the applicant is clearly unsuitable for the role because he fails the ‘able to communicate’ criteria.

- Another scenario is where a candidate may be the best fit for the job, but the CV does not convey the personality and skills you were actually looking for, a video interview could clearly highlight the candidate as the best choice. has been used by boutique national recruitment firm the Brooklyn Group as part of their recruitment programs. Glenn Beauchamp, General Manager - Western Australia for Brooklyn said: "The solution offered some innovative benefits to the firm and great results had already been achieved. We look forward to continuing our partnership with PieHire."

A number of other recruiting agencies have already expressed an interest in using the facility because of the potential time saving and increased reach to international and remote applicants. Webcam interviews are seen as the future norm for screening job applicants. directors are excited by their new service which has been launched nationally, run from Perth, and will focus initially on offering the service to Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. To encourage uptake of the service, is offering free bonus job postings with paid subscriptions and subsequent discounts to early adopters to demonstrate the value and benefits of the service.

If you'd like more information about this release, or to schedule an interview with the directors Des Sleight and Patrick Green, please call Des Sleight on 0415 328 600 or e-mail [email protected]

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Contact Profile Pty Ltd Pty Ltd is a start-up company whose vision is to be the Premium Australian Online Video Interview provider.

PieHire Pty Ltd was founded in January 2010 by Des Sleight and Patrick Green.

Des Sleight has over 30 years' experience working within Information Technology. He has held senior management roles with several blue chip mining companies within Australia.

Patrick Green is a self confessed ‘software guy’ with an eye for emerging trends. His background includes pastoral, aviation, mining, machinery, engineering and 10 years of Information Technology.
Des Sleight
P: 0415 328 600


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