Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

In an Australian first, a new dashboard has been developed to help busy General Practitioners (GPs) track the treatment of chronic disease care for their patients. The dashboard includes the ability not only to track the rollout and effects of quality improvement initiatives but also to benchmark their initiatives against other health services. The result is a complete change management and improvement system for the healthcare sector.

The Improvement Foundation, Australia’s leading provider of data-driven quality improvement solutions for the primary healthcare sector, has implemented the electronic dashboard in its free online quality improvement portal – qiConnect.

Quality improvement training is delivered to hundreds of health services each year by the Improvement Foundation and other organisations to help them improve processes and increase efficiencies, resulting in better patient care. The dashboard can be used by health service teams to set goals and track improvements in the treatment of patients with chronic diseases including Diabetes, Kidney Disease, Cardiovascular Disease, Coronary Heart Disease and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease plus many more.

The dashboard uses established and reliable measures developed through the Improvement Foundation’s delivery of Australia’s largest primary health care quality improvement collaborative, the Australian Primary Care Collaboratives Program (APCC) and is intentionally focused on diabetes and health checks.

The dashboard features indicators that allow health services to select their own goals for specific disease indicators. The indicators will display the health service performance alongside the average of more than 800 primary care health services nationally who are also submitting the same quality improvement data to the portal. This provides users the ability to identify areas where they can make improvements to their systems and then track the results of their improvement efforts. Additionally, the dashboard shows a snapshot view to users of how their practice is performing at a point and over time.

“Maintaining the focus on quality improvement by healthcare services has never been more important. Using structured data sets provided by the APCC Program, we guide activities are actually driving success. This platform gives healthcare professionals access to powerful analytics that empower them to take more decisive action by providing the visibility needed to evaluate what is and isn’t working in their health service,” said Mr Colin Frick, Chief Executive Officer of the Improvement Foundation.

Dr Tony Lembke from Alstonville Clinic, NSW is already experiencing the benefits from the dashboard indicators.

“The new dashboard allows our general practice to make sure that the changes we make lead to real clinical improvements for our patients. It challenges us to improve our care to match those practices achieving best results. It gives us tools to share our change ideas and collaborate with other health services and the easy to read dashboard inspires our whole practice team to focus on our practice goals,” said Dr Lembke.

APCC Program Indicator sets are available for the following areas; Diabetes, Kidney Disease, Cardiovascular Disease, Coronary Heart Disease and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, eHealth and Prevention of Chronic Disease. The dashboard is now available for use in qiConnect via the qiCommunity.

About qiConnect
qiConnect is an innovative data portal that helps healthcare organisations use and share data in a safe and protected way to manage the implementation of meaningful quality improvement programs. Using qiConnect, healthcare professionals will be able to construct and monitor improvement programs on a centralised platform and track their performance using the health practice dashboard. qiCommunity is the section of qiConnect where individuals and organisations working in primary care can come together to share ideas, experiences and resources.

To learn more about the Improvement Foundation and qiConnect, please visit: http://www.improve.org.au.

About the new features

  • Practice Metrics - the dashboard has a gauge style panel which can be customised to select and save your chosen indicator sets.
  • Push reports – users can have reports emailed to them with their specified indicator graphs.
  • Program Activity – provides a view of all the active Improvement Foundation programs that users are enrolled in
  • Data Submissions – provides a summary of data submissions for tracking quality improvement data workflows
  • Set Disease Measurements - a single disease indicator gauge is displayed (chosen by the Improvement Foundation’s Clinical Faculty) which will be a measure of focus for a specific period. Disease indicators will be selected in line with national and international health events, e.g. diabetes week.
  • Recognition and Reward Points – Four recognition levels can be earned based on the amount of points a user accumulates through their involvement in qiConnect activities.

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Improvement Foundation

The Improvement Foundation (Australia) Ltd was established in Adelaide in 2006 as a not-for-profit organisation.

What we do
We provide expertise in the development and delivery of quality improvement techniques, such as the Collaborative methodology, to bring about small and large system change. We support improvement work by providing specialist change management advice, and leading edge IT systems, which enable robust measurement of improvement efforts.

Erika Dauner
P: 0884227403
W: www.improve.org.au


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