Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Mobile technology specialist MGM Wireless (MWR:ASX) has announced the launch of its Pinpoint Family Locator to coincide with the much-anticipated release of the Apple Watch.

The acknowledged leader in school SMS communication solutions, MGM has extended its popular Pinpoint student locator app to provide the technology needed to keep all family members safe and informed, from small children through to the elderly.

Pinpoint can issue automated sound, colour and vibration alerts whenever a family member arrives at or leaves a place such as school, work, bus stop, grandparent’s house, doctor’s, sports venue, party, or home.  It also enables Apple Watch wearers to send panic alerts and automatically call emergency services.

“Where are you? Are you OK?”

MGM Wireless CEO Mark Fortunatow said the app helps relieve stress and provides peace of mind for families, in particular the “sandwich generation” -- people aged from late 30s to early 50s who find themselves being the primary carer for both school-age children and elderly parents.

“We live in a complex, fast-paced world where people are choosing to have their children later and are living longer,” Mr Fortunatow said. “This imposes a lot of responsibility on primary carers.

“Now family members will automatically know one another’s location and can be automatically informed if they are not where they should be, or are in trouble. “

It’s been widely reported that children and teenagers are waiting in line to be early adopters of the Apple Watch.

“This makes it a great device for locating children, because they won’t want to take it off,” Mr Fortunatow said. “It’s much better than a phone, which they can leave lying around. Likewise, for the elderly, the Watch is so much more convenient.”

The Pinpoint app makes it very easy to add children, grandparents and other family members and up to 19 other location zones can be included per family member.

Mr Fortunatow said that while family members can access the app using the iPhone, the Apple Watch significantly enhances its functions and user experience.

“Apple Watch makes the whole process an entertaining, fun experience.  It looks set to be another Apple success story, with teenagers craving to own one.

“The Pinpoint Apple Watch app provides an opportunity for parents to discuss with their children the importance of using technology to keep everyone safe and family life less stressful – it’s something that deserves the tag revolutionary for its social impact alone.”

The app works independently from school systems, however over 1,000 schools already use MGM’s location-based messaging products to deliver absence notifications to parents’ phones.

All school locations in Australia are preloaded. Parents simply adjust the school zone using a slider. 

“Parents often want to give their primary and middle-school children more autonomy to travel to school by themselves by bike, walking or taking public transport” Mr Fortunatow said. “Now, using MGM Pinpoint, they can see for themselves when their children have arrived at school.

Children using the Apple Watch can be automatically alerted when their parents or other family members arrive or leave home, leave work, approach their school to pick them up and many other location events to improve their safety and welfare.

Mr Fortunatow said Pinpoint’s new panic alert function not only notifies other Apple Watch wearers, it has the important capability to call police and other emergency services.

The app will be sold through the Apple App Store and available in international markets. It’s expected to be available for sale at the time of the Apple Watch release on April 24, 2015, at two pricepoints: free for children not requiring alerting functionality and a fully featured version for a one-time $4.99 fee.

About MGM Wireless Ltd and Messageyou, LLC (ASX:MWR)

MGM Wireless is recognised in Australia and internationally as a pioneer of socially responsible technology-enabled school communications with a proven track record in designing, developing and successfully commercialising innovative world-class technology products.

Over 1,000 schools and 1.8 million parents and students currently use MGM solutions such as messageyou, RollMarker, Outreach and Pinpoint.

The company’s patented SMS school communication solutions empower schools to effectively communicate to parents and caregivers using SMS text messaging to improve student attendance, welfare, safety and parent engagement. Measurable benefits for schools include reduced operating costs, increased productivity and improved parent and community engagement, which ultimately improve student learning and social outcomes.

Schools in Australia and New Zealand use Messageyou software in their day-to-day operations.



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