Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

It's not good enough as a tutor anymore to simply understand school content and relay that information to a student - our education system needs tutors who understand what it is like to bring students all the way to that "lightbulb moment". 

Absolute Value Tuition provides high quality tutors hand selected from the best graduates that each State curriculum has to offer. Our tutors have recently achieved phenomenal results in their final exams and are now applying their skills to sharing this knowledge with students throughout your area. All sessions are conducted from the comfort of the students' own home and the focus is always resting on personalisation.

Our primary tutor locations are in Perth and on the Gold Coast - meaning we reach out to every suburb in these locations to ensure no student goes without support. We cover subjects from maths, science and english, through to humanities and languages. Our tutors are hand selected based on their academic record and ability to relate to each student they tutor. Our philosophy is to have each tutor be able to "stand in the shoes of their student" and provide the experience necessary to help them achieve the highest grade possible.

Become part of the revolution of choice in education by finding out more about our tutors and what we have to offer.

For those interested in the education sector, we also run a blog which focusses on developments in our industry, as well as progress our students and tutors make in their journey towards supplimentary education. Get on board now to experience the growth and successes of our tuition industry yourself.

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Absolute Value Tuition

Absolute Value Tuition is a premium Australian tuition provider who utilise the talent of professional and quality tutors to cater for an ever expanding industry: education. Our tutors strive to personalise and refine each session with grade 1 to 12 students in Perth, Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. Through our goal of consistent development, Absolute Value Tuition is dedicated to constantly answering the question: What does quality look like?

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