Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Traffic queues on local streets in Epping are forecast by the Epping Town Centre Traffic Study to be up to eight times longer than they presently are.

Residents of Epping and Epping Community Alliance were stirred into action by the the Epping Chamber of Commerce coming out publicly in support of the removal of the right turn lane at Langston Place Epping.

An examination of the Epping Town Centre Study (2011) by local residents has uncovered who will be the winners and who will be the losers as a consequence of the massive over-development of Epping and the proposed traffic changes.

A little read appendix of the Study predicts traffic passing through Epping will increase by about 50% by 2026, but that queue lengths on these arterial roads will generally reduce in length.  Good news for all the rat runners avoiding the toll on the M2, residents point out.

“On the other hand, the Study predicts that, in the afternoon peak, not only will the 100% increase in southbound traffic leaving the northern side of Epping be greater, but also that queue lengths in these streets will dramatically increase.   The queue in Essex Street is likely to be eight times longer than the current queue in Essex Street and four times longer than the current queue in Langston Place.

“If the Government's traffic study is correct,  the queues from Essex Street in 2026 will extend back beyond Epping Oval, choking Epping Streets.

Residents are outraged at these revelations and the lack of support by the government and local representative to take the Epping community into consideration.

“Through traffic and developers are the obvious winners at the expense of the community of Epping.  In these days of demand management, liveable cities, and encouragement of public transport, the strategy for 'improving' the roads in Epping has got it all wrong, residents say.

The view of residents has been totally ignored to date.  Residents disappointed with the government's Epping Town Centre Plan, propose to raise the redevelopment of Epping as a major political issue in the Epping electorate.

Epping residents will be looking to the candidates in this week's elections to show support for the needs of the local community.


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Epping Community Alliance has been formed to provide a united voice on issues that affect the well being of our community.  Our aim is to make Epping a healthier, safer and more vibrant place to live.

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