Friday, April 30th, 2010

"The irritation of the head lice frustration has been felt by too many Australian families" commented Kristen Semmens, the owner of the new Nitpro Head Lice Treatment Centre on the Gold Coast.

"We struggled for 5 years on and off with our 4 girls, and no one could help us. So when we found out the truth about head lice, found something that worked, and perfected a method to remove them, we knew that there were many other families who needed this help too."

Head Lice eradication is a hot topic among parents who have faced the ongoing lice cycle battle. What products work and what ones don't, how to treat, when to treat, and even whether a treatment is required or not. Nitpro Head Lice Treatment Centre addresses all these issues and much more, helping families get head lice free and remain head lice free.

"All families deserve to be head lice free" remarked David Semmens, partner of the new treatment Centre. "1 in 4 children in New South Whales and Queensland schools have an active head lice infestation right now in their hair, and unfortunately, many parents have got to the point that they have resigned to the place of just learning to live with the critters. They don't realise that there is a way to be head lice free!"

There are no gimmicks or tricks, and no wave of the magic wand at Nitpro Head Lice Treatment Centre. The effective treatment process is due to years of research into treatments, ingredients and methods.

After having two of their own children in hospital from a rogue head lice treatment sold to them over-the-counter, David and Kristen determined between them to find a solution. The result was the Nitpro Head Lice Treatment Centre.

Nitpro Head Lice Treatment Centre does not use Pesticidal products, and they are adamant that they will carry only what works for parents.

"The days of flashing light head lice combs and instant treatment promises has come to an end as parents are realising that they are nothing more than gimmicks designed to cash in on the head lice infestation increase" stated Kristen.

But it’s not just the freedom of the head lice that Nitpro delivers. Nitpro’s salon environment makes the treatment a joy for children and breath of fresh air for parents.

The Treatment Centre has been designed with children in mind. David and Kristen purposed that it would not be just a converted hairdressing salon. Stations have a personal TV and DVD player with over 140 children's and family movies to choose from, children’s and adults salon chairs, toddler ‘car’ salon chair for a little extra fun for littlies, a large screen TV with a Wii gaming station and 10+ games, toddlers playpen, chalkboard & whiteboard, colouring-ins, books, toys and more, lounges for mum and dad and they can have a real coffee while they wait. And then a lollipop to top it all off!

“Children are very important to us; we have 5 of our own! You need to talk to them, explain what’s happening and interact with them. Kids are an absolute joy. We have had many parents warn us that their child doesn’t like ‘having their nits done’, but we have not had any not enjoy their time with us yet”, smiled Kristen.

“And we know that discretion can be an important issue for some people, especially for teenagers and adults who find themselves exposed to head lice, so we purposed to be in a discreet location.”

Nitpro Head Lice Treatment Centre is nestled on 10 acres at the old Terranora Par 3 Golf Course. “It’s perfect for our customers; plenty of parking, no exposure issues, and we even have kids go down and pat the horses!” David laughed.

“Head Lice treatment should not just be for the upper class either” stated Kristen, “we know that it’s families who struggle the most and so we keep our prices family friendly. We also have a reward program where 10% from any treatment or product purchases is credited back to the family for next time. This means they can buy preventative products cheaper and stay ahead of the head lice”.

Nitpro’s services include in salon head lice treatments, free head lice checks, manual nit-picking services, product retail online and in store for DIY treatments at home.

As part of Nitpro's community work, they have initiated the Nitpro Community Awareness Project (NCAP) because they believe that all families should have the right to be head lice free.

“Often the biggest problem for families is working their way through the myths, well Nitpro has free literature available to help families become and remain head lice free by knowing the truth” David said. The literature can be ordered from the Nitpro website at

The NCAP Project freely resources schools, daycare centres, hairdressers, medical centres, and local community groups Australia wide, with head lice information and method brochures, lice detection cards, head lice flyers, posters and more. Ordering these resources, or registering as an NCAP Representative (which gives access to even more resources) is free and easy on their website.

"Becoming an NCAP Rep in your town is a great community service. All the resources are free and your local community can start the process of becoming head lice free. It is even a way to earn a little extra cash on the side if you want to."

Nitpro Head Lice Treatment Centre is located on the southern Gold Coast at 86 McAuleys Road, Terranora. They are open Monday to Friday 9am-6pm and Saturdays 9am-2pm, with same day appointments available.

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Nitpro Head Lice Treatment Centre

Nitpro Head Lice Treatment Centre is the first specifically family designed head lice eradication service on the Gold Coast.

No false promises or flashing lights when it comes to beating the lice. Tried and proven products, equipment and methods are used.

The Nitpro Community Awareness Project (NCAP) freely resources schools, daycares, medical centres, community groups and individuals (as NCAP Reps) with quality informational brochures, posters, cards, flyers and more; because everyone deserves the right to be head lice free.

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