Friday, March 20th, 2015

Lonsdale, South Australia: Today, Mylight®, Australia's first manufacturer of custom designed lights has a reason to celebrate. Mylight® has sold over 10,000 of their nightlights, and has ambitious plans to sell many more. After great success locally, and in continental Australia, the company is now expanding within the local domestic market with a view to go international in the near future.

Owners Greg and Vanessa Vowles founded Mylight® in 2009 is a website where you can deisgn a stylish and unique light using their exclusive online design tool. After the birth of their first child, the couple soon realized they needed a night light. A night light near the cot would help them with late night nappy changes, check-ins and feeds. The lights available in nearby stores were unsightly, inefficient, low quality, and poorly put together. Greg, who has a background in electronics, saw a light bulb go off in his head. After a lot of experimenting and hard work, he came up with a prototype. Response from friends and family was overwhelmingly positive. They soon realized they had a winning idea. The couple started Mylight®, an Australian designed and manufactured nightlight online store. Like many Australians today Greg and Vanessa enjoy the freedom that operating an online store can provide, along with the flexibility to spend more time with their childeren that a "normal" 9-5 would nt afo They have leveraged their online presence and ingenuity to create a product that would not have been possible to sell in any quantities had it not been for the internet.

Mylight® is a company that keeps up with the changing demands of its customers. Besides making a personalised gift children's night light, they also create lights for almost any purpose. Nursery gift idea, customised bar gift lights, corporate light signs, and lights or lightboxes as a mens gift idea, are just some of the different applications.

The technology used to make Mylight® products is cutting edge. LED strips inside each product, ensure efficient use of energy, and provide high quality light, at low voltage levels. You can leave the lights on all night long, and never be worried about their use impacting your electric bills. The longevity of their lights is also extremely high. Each product has a life expectancy of over 50,000 hours. It is estimated that it takes approximately 20 years of normal use, to reach that many hours. The products are all ecologically friendly, and are made with the environment in mind. Casings are made of aluminium composite. Extra pieces that are cut off during the manufacturing process are melted down and used to make new products. Instead of being dumped in a landfill, they are reused, saving valuable land space. The other half of what makes Mylight® so unique is their exclusive online design tool “without the internet there would be no Mylight” says Greg the owner and director of Mylight®

Mylight® products are also fun. The colour changing remote control allows you to adjust the lights colour, effects, and speeds. By adjusting the remote, you can use the type and amount of light you require, or prefer. The most important part of their products is safety. Their lights produce a minimal amount of heat, virtually eliminating the chance of fire, or children burning themselves. They even use bleach free boxes to ship their products in.

If you are looking for a lightbox or night light Australia is the place to go. Mylight's core values are based on three words: safety, longevity and sustainability. To learn more about Mylight® and their products, or to contact them directly, visit their website


ABN 42154598778

5/78 Morrow rd

Lonsdale SA 5160

Tel: 0401324144


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 Mylight®, Australia's first manufacturer of custom designed night lights, lightboxes, corporate gifts and more.
Mylight is a one product with many aplications. with a huge socila media and online following mylight are set to take on the world with Australian injenuity !
Our lights are designed and created locally through our exclusive online design tool giving customers the chance to own a one of a kind light.
We love what we do at Mylight and are able to run our business from anywhere there is online access. It is a huge honour to creat so many wonderful lights for homes all around Ausrtralia and the world.



Greg Vowles
M: 0401324144


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