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17 March 2015 – Social media is a part of Australian life with 84% of Aussies now logging on to social networks. But concerns about personal privacy, cluttered newsfeeds and “meaningless posts” have brewed a hangover of over-connectedness with frustration towards social media platforms now rife. The findings were revealed in a national study on Australia’s attitudes to social media by research company McCrindle in partnership with Australian social media start-up Incogo.


Frustration and discontent with social media platforms

• 90% of Australians express some level of frustration with having their personal information sold to advertisers and being flooded with too many advertisements on their news feed

• 90% express some level of frustration over the confusion about their personal privacy and uncertainty about how to control their privacy

• 78% express some level of frustration about the superficial way social media is used

• And with more likes, posts, links and shares than ever before, 72% express some level of frustration with the proliferation of content clutter on their newsfeed/timeline


Aussies social media consumers rather than contributors

As a result of the above findings, Australians are increasingly unwilling to post much about themselves online, with 88% saying they post little or nothing of their real life on social media, but instead passively consume content others are creating.


Privacy concerns and lack of meaningful content plague most Australians

• 97% of Australians expressed some level of importance on being able to protect their personal information from advertisers

• 96% expressed some level of importance on the need for simpler privacy settings • 91% expressed some level of importance to content on their newsfeeds/timelines being more personally relevant to their lives

• With social media creating an epidemic of over-connectedness, 83% of Aussies expressed some level of importance on the ability to have deeper connections with others online


Mark McCrindle, Principal of McCrindle says “Our research shows that although Australians are using social media in record numbers, there is a huge bubble of discontent brewing in this country. Australians are overwhelmingly frustrated with fears about their personal digital privacy and how social networks use their information as well as the lack of meaningful content on their newsfeeds/timelines. These frustrations are making people less comfortable to post to their social networks and causing the rise of a passive social media culture in Australia.”


Dan Millin, founder of new Melbourne-based social media start up Incogo (www.incogo.com) says he commissioned McCrindle to conduct the research as part of his company’s strategy to better understand trends in social media. The findings supported the principles behind Incogo.

“A few years ago, I started to question the value that existing social networks were bringing to my real life. I wanted somewhere more personal and private for my life where I could come together with others around the things I was doing or pursuing – just like I do in my real life.”


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