Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Hilder Road Primary School attacks Bullying one Act Of Kindness at a time

Hilder Road Primary School, QLD, will announce on Wednesday that over 60 students, in the upper school alone, will participate in the new TWILY 7 Day Acts of Kindness Challenge. The 7 Day Acts of Kindness Challenge was created in 2014 to address school bullying and to promote healthy relationships whilst raising funds and awareness in schools.2015 see’s the program official launch with Hilder Road State School in The Gap, Brisbane. The Upper school grades 4,5 & 6 are signing up this week to raise vital funds for the school, with the younger years Prep,1,2 & 3 participating next term. Hilder Road is the first school in the country to pilot the scheme with several more already signed up and ready to participate.

On the back of a successful rollout in Brisbane, the program is set to take off in schools throughout the nation with several enquiries already from the United Kingdom, who intend on making the 7 Day Acts of Kindness Challenge part of their social studies curriculum.

The TWILY – 7 Day Acts of Kindness Challenge has been designed for children of all school ages to greatly improve their social interactions with others and has been proven to reduce bullying throughout schools. Research suggests that teaching and encouraging social and emotional skills like these improves behaviour and learning aptitude. More importantly, and what TWILY is trying to achieve, is a caring environment for students, teachers and the community.   

Students are encouraged to complete 7 acts of kindness over the course of the week. Schools that participate provide each student with a presentation pack that includes, pens, postit notes, sponsorship forms, wristbands and a unique TWILY act of kindness chequebook and a certificate of completion.

Ian Groom, co founder & creator of the TWILY 7 Day Acts of Kindness Challenge, explains, "By encouraging our kids to participate in the Acts Of Kindness scheme we can create a positive message within the school and community that we can all be proud of. When students perform these acts of kindness, for us and themselves, they are showing the world they care and want to contribute to make it better ."

We intend to have the 7 Day Acts of Kindness Challenge in every school in Australia by 2017, creating a culture where all people care for and respect each other." If the students, teachers and principals who are already participating have anything to say about it, the TWILY 7 Day Acts of Kindness Challenge will surely reach this goal.

Friday 20th March is National Anti-Bullying Day. It is important that we should teach the kids that they have the ability to change the world. One act of kindness at a time.

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Twily is an acronym of “That’s Why I Love You”. Twily is a company which focuses on improving and nurturing relationships of any kind. We are currently building an IOS App and Website and launching our 7 Day Acts Of Kindness Challenge sponsorship for schools scheme. Our company’s aim is to focus on changing people's mindset and focusing on the positives and we hope that the 7 Day Acts Of Kindness Challenge for schools will be a big part of that.

Ian Groom
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