Friday, March 13th, 2015

The Australian Web Industry Association has decided to pivot on the format of this year’s Edge of the Web conference.

There are two changes:

  • People can attend for free online
  • Due to insufficient ticket sales, there is now no physical presence in Sydney or Melbourne

AWIA Chair Bret Treasure said Edge of the Web remains a content-rich, national conversation about web business, technology and social issues, which most will experience at no cost.

Those in Perth can still book a seat for the ‘in the flesh’ experience, from $99 a day.

"Sometimes you push the envelope and it just slides straight off the desk. The multi-city, multi stream conference we’d constructed may have been a bit ahead of its time; it may also have been hard for people to imagine the ‘one conversation, multiple places’ concept,” Bret Treasure said.

“I’m hoping that free online access will deliver a larger audience and set the scene for another crack at the multiple-city conference next year.”

For more information please contact Bret Treasure on (+61) 4 09 908 133.

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