Thursday, April 29th, 2010
Sydney, Australia – April 2010

True enough, Toyota has fielded a range of complaints globally from unintended acceleration through to break-failure which has resulted in the company having to recall eight million cars worldwide – but many believe Toyota’s age-old commitment to improving business processes will steer them towards a speedy recovery.

Process excellence is of course concerned with the mapping and transformation of separate business units to eliminate variables, defects, and waste that can directly undermine customer loyalty and unnecessarily cost the business money. When models like ‘Lean’ or ‘Six Sigma’ are applied, specific business units are able to realise better operational results and respond to changing company needs.

“Toyota’s commitment to quality can be gauged from the fact that they have stopped production in the United States to make sure things are set right. I am confident that the company will rise like a phoenix only because of these practices that it has built over all these years,” said Debashis Sarkar, a world renowned Service Lean Expert.*

Business process improvement is the holy grail of any company’s operations. Improvements in processes translate directly to better profits by cutting costs and increasing competitiveness. In today’s climate this focus on company health-checks is more significant than ever before.

IQPC Australia will host the sixth annual Process Excellence Summit and Awards 2010: Leading Process Transformation in a Recovering Market, in Sydney commencing on June 29th.

Featuring presentations from various industries leading the way with process transformation, including; Glaxosmithkline, Origin Energy, Nestle Australia, Boral, Centrelink, Westpac, and Sydney Water.

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