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The Hon Catherine Cusack MLC and Dr Diann Rodgers-Healey, Executive Director of the Australian Centre for Leadership for Women (ACLW) joined distinguished women leaders to Award Finalists and Winners of ACLW’s Sustaining Women’s Empowerment in Communities and Organisations (SWECO) Award on the 6 March 2015 at the Parliament Theatrette, Parliament House Sydney.

Western Australian Small Business advocate Carol Hanlon was announced as the winner of the following category - ‘Empowering women in a community or organisation in Australia’ of ACLW’s ‘Sustaining Women’s Empowerment in Communities and Organisations’ (SWECO) Awards.

Carol Hanlon as Founding Manager and Business Facilitator of the Belmont Business Enterprise Centre Inc. (Belmont BEC) and Founder, Manager & Mentor of Textile, Clothing, Footwear Resource Centre of WA Inc. (TCF Australia / TCF Global) has provided low cost and ‘no cost’ training and mentoring to develop the business skills and business growth potential of more than 16,000+ women in new or existing small businesses in Western Australia and across all states and territories of Australia including regional & remote. Both organisations are not for profit (NFP) community associations.

Since the mid 1990’s Carol Hanlon, Founding CEO of both Centres has been assisting women in business across Australia, via phone, email & face/face training and mentoring and since 2010 initiated online training services via webinars.

One particular program that Carol Hanlon developed for the Belmont BEC is the BPW Business Incubator Project.  The BPW Business Incubator Women in Business Online Training & Mentoring Project – a two year project conducted across Australia during 2013-2014 which has helped 780 women develop business skills and the growth potential of their small businesses. During 2014, the BPW Business Incubator Women in Business Online Project was also adopted as an APEC Pilot across 5 economies of Chinese Taipei, Republic of Korea, The Philippines, Chile and Australia.  BPW is an International organisation established over 85years, located in 99 countries with a focus on equality for women, leadership and empowerment, Carol has served twice as president of the BPW Belmont Club.

Carol Hanlon said of the win, “I am honoured to have been selected as a winner of the award amongst such a distinguished group of amazing women.”

Carol Hanlon is currently in the United States presenting a Forum on behalf of Belmont BEC & TCF Global (TCFWA) during the United Nations Commission Status Women 59 NGO Parallel events in New York on March 10th. The Forum will be titled, ‘Empowering Women in Business through Online Training & Mentoring’ and will showcase the BPW Business Incubator Project to an international audience and our TCF Global projects. I will be mentioning the wonderful award that I have just received from ACLW at the event.”

Carol continued, “My ongoing goal is to further expand this valuable project across Australia and globally through attracting ongoing sponsorships for scholarships for women who are eager to receive business mentoring and skill development. Recently a NSW small business woman sponsored 10 online training scholarships with us for women in Madagascar. Requests for support constantly arrive from women across Australia and over the year from many other countries such as South Africa, St Kitts, Puerto Rico, Mozambique, Fiji, Palestine, Philippines, Kuwait, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Madagascar, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and PNG to name just a few countries and we will be pleased to hear from anyone who would like to be involved to assist us provide further scholarships for women to develop their business growth potential.”

“I would like to congratulate The Australian Centre for Leadership for Women, Founder and CEO, Dr Diann Rodgers-Healey for her efforts, time and commitment to run the annual SWECO Awards to showcase women from across Australia. My thanks also extend to the esteemed judging panel for their valued time and deliberations.” Carol said.

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Belmont Business Enterprise Centre Inc./Textile Clothing Footwear Resource Centre of WA Inc/Australian Federation of Business & Professional Women (Western Australian Division) Inc.

Belmont BEC | BEC Global is a non-profit community organisation established in 1994, providing training and mentoring support services to over 20,000+ individuals in Australia to start or improve their small business and is a specialist in virtual business incubation. 

TCFWA | TCF Australia | TCF Global is a non-profit community organisation established in 1998, assisting over 6,000+ designers and fashion industry small businesses with fashion business skill development, linkages in the global supply chain, International trade and industry networks.

Australian Federation of Business & Professional Women (Western Australian Division) Incorporated, (BPW) is a not for profit association that is part of the International Federation of Business & Professional Women with a 85 year history in advocating for women’s empowerment, gender equity and leadership across 5 continents in over 100 countries with General Consultative Status at ECOSOC, United Nations.    

Carol Hanlon
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Carol Hanlon, ‘Sustaining Women’s Empowerment in Communities and Organisations’, ACLW



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