Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Brisbane-based business coach Kevin Gammie has a question – why are women creating gender specific business groups and businesses and excluding men as members and potential collaborators?

“I want to know why women are segregating themselves,” Kevin said. “It is political correctness to the extreme.

“Yes, women still have obstacles to overcome in business and employment; there is still discrimination out there.  As a community we need to address this,but this trend is concerning if women want to be seen as equals.”

Kevin, director of Imagine First, believes the rise of women only groups is a double-edged sword. “Women feel comfortable because they are surrounded by people who understand them. Yet by being exclusive about the gender they do business with or include in a group only reinforces the differences,” he said.

Over the past 20 years, the number of networking groups has grown, with women specific groups popping up in all states design to tap into the growth of women run businesses.

Kevin acknowledges the real issues and pressures faced by female entrepreneurs. “With International Women’s Day on Sunday, it is a good to stop and acknowledge all women have achieved over the past 100 years; there is still a way to go,” he said.

“As a small business people I want women to embrace being strong and powerful but I think they are doing themselves a disservice by self-segregating,” he said.

“When you set up a business and say you only want to service women, and your business product or service can be accessed by both sexes, you limit growth and reinforce out dated stereotypes.

“As a man, I am not sure why they are doing that   I would love to see more women creating inclusive groups that support a broader community. The end result will be more work for them and a deeper understanding between genders.

Kevin said in business it is important to niche. “But do not niche based on sexuality. If a man does this, he is called misogynist and sexist.  It is really a double standard,” he said.

“I would prefer to be inclusive. I have a community group for people working from home – we do not exclude anyone - everyone is equal.”

No one is disadvantage until they put limits on themselves.  “When you go through tough times it is not because you are man or a woman it is because of what has happened in the past – your own doing or the environment,” Kevin said. “Look at the GFC, it was not sexist, it hit everyone.”

“It is the person that creates success not what sex they are. The challenges in business are the same for men and women – there are similar challenges and similar adversities for us all; it is how you react that will make your difference.”


About Kevin Gammie

Kevin Gammie is a qualified International Coaching Guild member, Meta Dynamics Consultant,EDiSC trainer and facilitator and NLP Practitioner with extensive experience working in the accounting, sales, executive management and entrepreneurship sectors. Well placed to help clients achieve the results they truly desire, Kevin’s skillset also includes:mindset training, psychology, and leadership and business development. He has a background in executive recruitment and accounting.

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