Thursday, April 29th, 2010
New research confirms that your mood affects your posture, but your posture also affects your mood. Leading Australian physiotherapist, Anna-Louise Bouvier, has seen the effects in her practice.

“I see many stressed women juggling motherhood and work who tell me they feel tired and exhausted. They end up taking on a ‘posture of tired’. The more you slump when you sit and stand, the more likely you’ll feel tired. Rounded and slumpy shoulders lead to aches and pain which contributes to feeling even more tired and exhausted. The secret is to break the cycle. Change your posture and you can change your mood.”

She says science now confirms the link between body posture and mood. “Research from the University of Ohio asked subjects to perform a task both slumped and sitting up straight. Those who sat up straight reported feeling greater confidence. It’s because your mind is connected through the nervous and hormone systems to your immune system and part of the feedback loop includes the limbic system which is involved in emotions.”

Bouvier, a regular guest on Channel 9’s Today Show and consultant to the NSW Waratah’s Rugby team, has now written a book called The Feel Good Body: 7 steps to easing aches and looking great (HarperCollins) which is based on her highly successful Physiocise program. It shows women how to change habits, improve their posture and lift their mood.

“The program isn’t about exercises but learning good habits in the things you do every day such as walking, sitting and breathing. There’s even a Feel Good Body iPhone app to remind you to practise your good habits.”

The book can help age-proof your body. “Many people look older than they are because of their posture. The good news is it’s never too late to change your posture and look energetic and most importantly, feel energetic. ”

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Anna-Louise Bouvier: respected physiotherapist, public speaker, regular media commentator and best-selling writer.

The Feel Good Body: 7 steps to easing aches and looking great is published by HarperCollins. Visit
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