Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

Smarter Ads that Perform Better, Cheaper to Create and Faster to Manage

Software Technology Specialist, Dynamic Creative is celebrating the launch of its proprietary Software packages with the release of the new Dynamic Creative website.

Committed to staying ahead of the ever changing media landscape, the message and content of the new website is clear and simple. Dynamic Creative is now making its Ad Automation Platform available to all Industries and Agencies.

Since 1999, Dynamic Creative (formerly e-channel search) has grown to become one of the most influential leaders in Ad Automation for Profit Driven Advertising, delivering outstanding paid search and remarketing results for clients across Australia, the US and Asia Pacific, through its exclusive automated platform.

Suitable for Desktops and Tablets plus Mobiles, the Dynamic Creative™ Ad Automation Platform features deep-linked content management software which enables any inventory driven website to create highly targeted, fast and effective, up to the minute, relevant ads.

Following 15 years of proven success within Retail, Travel and Classifieds, Dynamic Creative’s decision to release its proprietary software is supported with a number of internal changes to the way in which the business is run.


           “At Dynamic Creative we are changing the way we do business. We will no longer use heavy weight contracts full of ‘legalese’ that are difficult to comprehend and attempt to lock customers in.  All clients regardless of size or spend are free to leave at any time without any financial penalties. Full service customers can opt to use our software internally or through an Ad Agency at any stage. We will  assign the administrative rights to them, hand over their campaigns, then make sure they have the support they need to keep on advertising. In addition to this, from now on we will be putting our fees at risk.  If we don’t deliver on our promises no matter how big or small, we will refund up to 100% of our fees to the customer. Conditions do apply to this of course but you will find all of them to be fair and reasonable."  Extract taken from I just made my Anti Sales Department redundant !’  Posted by Frank Grasso, CEO, Dynamic Creative

Driven with the passion to rid the world of ‘irrelevant’ ads, Dynamic Creative is confident that its new website featuring Industry Specific Plans and Prices, will further empower advertising executives to make qualified and effective decision with regards to their online advertising strategies.

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