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Last year, the average Australian adult spent $135 on leisure and entertainment per week. This figure takes in money spent on going out, entertainment at home and gambling in an average seven days. While gambling accounts for $13 (or just under 10%) of the average Aussie’s weekly leisure and entertainment spend, this amount varies considerably between the different generations*, as the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research show.

As we reported in May last year, young Australians are far less likely than their older counterparts to gamble in general. So it makes sense that gambling accounts for just a small part of their total weekly expenditure on leisure and entertainment.

Spending an average of $4 on gambling in average seven days, Generation Z’s gambling expenditure accounts for the smallest proportion of their weekly entertainment spend — just 3% of $133. A far cry from the $88 (two-thirds of the total) they spend on going out in an average seven-day period!

Gambling, going out and staying in: breakdown of weekly entertainment spend by generation


Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia) Base: Australians 18+, Jan 2014–Dec 2014 (n=15,245). *NB: Gen Z were born between 1991–2005 (data in this press release applies to those aged 18+ only), Gen Y between 1976–1990, Gen X 1961–1975, Baby Boomers between 1946–1960, and Pre-Boomers before 1946

Meanwhile, just 4% of Gen Y’s weekly entertainment expenses go towards gambling ($6 out of $145), a fraction of the amount they spend on going out.

In contrast, gambling comprises a considerably larger share of the Boomer generations’ entertainment expenditure: 15% for Baby Boomers ($21 out of $137) and 21% for Pre-Boomers ($20 out of $99).

Angela Smith, Group Account Director, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“The latest gambling data from Roy Morgan Research reveals that Generations Y and Z tend to spend less than their older counterparts on gambling in an average seven days, with most of the money they spend on entertainment and leisure being used for going out and, to a lesser extent, entertainment at home.


“While going out and entertainment at home also account for the lion’s share of Baby Boomers’ and Pre-Boomers’ weekly leisure expenses, gambling accounts for a much larger proportion of the total they spend than among the younger generations.


“Overall, a greater share of the total amount Australian men spend on entertainment each week goes towards gambling than it does for women — a trend that is evident across every generation.


“Roy Morgan Research’s extensive Single Source data can assist casinos, wagering companies and responsible gambling divisions to further refine their search for Australians who spend proportionally more on gambling, going beyond age and gender to explore socio-economic level, education, attitudes, media usage and much more.”

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