Thursday, February 19th, 2015

The average woman spends over $4000 and uses around 12 000 disposable tampons and pads over her lifetime. Unfortunately in our culture, menstruation is often associated with feelings of shame, embarrassment, and frustration which women must endure during their 40 year reproductive lives. Rosie Sheba, a 27 year old Adelaide woman, is working to change these commonplace attitudes. She recently established Sustainable Menstruation Australia – a movement to normalise menstruation and the use of the menstrual cup: a reusable silicone hygiene alternative that lasts up to 10 years.

This autumn, Rosie will be the sole Australian participant joining Sustainable Cycles, a group of seven women from three nations who will be riding across America to talk about periods. She joins the team on April 2nd, in Austin, Texas and will ride the 4000km to Boston, Massachusetts, to present at the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research Conference on 4th June.

Along the route, the team will present period-positive workshops: safe spaces to have open and honest period talk. The road will take these intrepid riders across diverse places including rural Texas, Washington DC and low socio economic areas like The Bronx. The women will show, tell and give away alternative menstrual products (reusable pads and cups) and discuss greening a woman’s “cycle”. The team will be carrying their own equipment including food, water and camping gear on their bikes. Sustainable Menstruation Australia plans to run a similar ride in Australia next year.

Find out more about supporting Rosie’s ride: She needs to raise $3250 by 19th March. 



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Sustainable Menstruation Australia

Sustainable Menstruation Australia assists Australian women experience sustainable, safe, affordable and easy menstruation, working towards a future of less waste, better health, better standard of living and less social stigma for all women. Sustainable Menstruation Australia provides high quality reusable menstrual products, presentations and workshops to assist women achieve easy, safe and sustainable menstruation. Better for women, better for the planet, better for the future.

Rosie Sheba
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