Wednesday, April 28th, 2010
The global obesity epidemic has hit an all-time high with approximately 350 million obese people and over 1 billion overweight people around the world. Those figures are predicted to increase by a staggering 50% by 2015 and, according to the International Obesity Taskforce, by 2025 one in every three adults will be obese if current trends continue.

Given such staggering statistics it is no wonder new gyms are popping up on every street corner. Unfortunately, the vast majority of gym-goers who have joined for the purpose of losing weight will, like many before them, be devastating disappointed in their lack of results for the amount of effort they have put in.

According to a recent news release by Dr. Samuel Klein, research has been conducted that shows that exercising does not help people lose weight and this is a view shared by International Body Transformation Specialist and CEO of Real Body Enterprises, Sonja Falvo.

Falvo states ‘I have found many studies that support this claim and report that 70-80% of weight loss results come down to the nutrient combinations and regularity of meals eaten by weight loss subjects’.

A combination of personal experience with the extreme health dangers that come from calorie restricted dieting and 7 years in the health and fitness industry dealing with thousands of frustrated clients and members who wanted more than just exercise advice, has led Falvo to develop two new and unique products for the Fitness Industry that are being launched at this year’s FILEX Convention in Sydney (30 April – 2 May Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre).

Nutrition Complete is a complete nutrition & meal planning software solution for Fitness Professionals & Health Clubs. This intelligent, user-friendly program will help Personal Trainers and Health Clubs provide their clients and members with easy to follow personalised and tailor made meal planners using recipes created by 3 of the UK’s most sought after nutritionists.

Nutrition Complete will enable users to prepare an entire week’s meals, recipes and shopping list in less than 15 minutes PLUS, all recipes and shopping lists can be tailored to serving sizes according to how many people are at each that’s intelligent.

The second product being released in Weight Loss Business-in-a-Box which is a complete 12-week weight loss course that will help fitness professionals to deliver comprehensive group weight loss clinics or one-on-one sessions to complement their fitness programs. The 12-week course deals with behavioral change and lifestyle change which are at the core of helping people to lose weight and maintain it life-long.

Falvo's mission when she started Real Body Enterprises was to develop a program that would provide a healthy alternative to dieting for real everyday people who wanted to lose weight or simply wanted to make healthier lifestyle choices. Having achieved that goal, Falvo is now determined to develop simple and effective solutions that Fitness Professionals can use to help the Fitness Industry help combat the Global Obesity epidemic.

‘It’s about time that the fitness industry and weight loss industry worked together to make a difference. Diet alone is not the answer, nor is exercise on its own. Successful long-term weight loss is a combination of diet, exercise and behavioral changes’ said Falvo.

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Real Body Enterprises Pty Ltd

• Real Body Enterprises aims to deliver a sensible, realistic approach to healthy eating and lifestyle to provide long-term fat loss, increased self-esteem and quality of life
• Real Body Enterprises wants to reduce the global epidemic of obesity in children and adults through education, support and a programs that will assist the Fitness Industry to deliver results to every person, every time
• Real Body Enterprises CEO Sonja Falvo is an author of two bestselling books, keynote speaker and has a strong passion for helping people to improve their long-term health, wellbeing and self-esteem
• Sonja Falvo was also Director of What Women Want Personal Training in Brisbane and National Fitness Manager for Fitness First in the UK
• Real Body Enterprises: Level 16/120 Edward St, Brisbane, (07) 3392 0770 or [email protected]
Sonja Falvo
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