Wednesday, April 28th, 2010
The world is divided between those who understand and savour oysters and those who have not yet acquired the right palate, according to South Australian oyster farmer, Linda Hank, from Pure Coffin Bay Oysters.

Linda has begun a quest to understand what keeps some people from trying oysters and what motivates others to try again, even if their first taste is confronting.

"Here I am, the oyster farmer, admitting that at age 12 the first oyster I tried was a kilpatrick oyster that I spat out," says Linda.

"I loved the smell of the oyster, bacon and sauce grilled and bubbly hot but could not quite manage to swallow it down. Thankfully that has all changed now."

Pure Coffin Bay Oysters has launched a discussion topic on the company's new Facebook Page, inviting input from Oyster Veterans to share their first time stories to encourage those with more timid palates to try this gourmet food.

The discussion can be found at

"South Australians should be extremely proud of our local oyster industry, so I am particularly keen to hear from locals and fellow Australians alike," she says.

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Pure Coffin Bay Oysters

Chris and Linda Hank have 13 years of oyster farming experience at Coffin Bay, near Port Lincoln, South Australia.

The company operates in the pristine coastal environment of the state's West Coast and supplies high quality pacific oysters.

The operation is certified under the South Australian Shellfish Quality Assurance Program which means every Pure Coffin Bay oyster is safe.

As one of South Australia's premier oyster producers, Pure Coffin Bay Oysters subscribes to "the South Australian Way" as documented by the state's Department of Primary Industries and Resources, namely:

1. To supply to Australia and the world, premium Pacific Oysters.

2. Produce our product in an environmentally sustainable manner as stated in our environmental policy which is endorsed by the Environment Protection Authority.

3. Operate our industrial premises under a third party audited food safety scheme. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. (HACCP).
Supplying a safe product for you to consume, one that you know you can rely on.

4. Our product comes from a clean waters program, South Australian Shellfish Quality Assured Program (SASQAP) which meets stringent health regulations and meets world standards.

5. Protect the health and safety of our family members and employees by operating with a documented Occupational Health and Safety program in place.

Pacific Oyster Sizes include:

Clubs 45/55 mm

Bistro 50/60 mm

Plates 60/70 mm

Standards 70/85 mm

Large 85/100 mm
Linda Hank
P: 0428 261 806


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