Thursday, February 12th, 2015

Greenwood and Sea’s Prescription Spins A Deeper Connection Groove

Soul Harmony is a new duet released by Heartspeak Music, written by award winning singer songwriter, Tricia Greenwood “… has an unshakable groove ” said Producer, composer and musician, Stephen Sea, the founder of Broadcast Media Tracks LLC.

Sea said, “It’s been a pleasure to work on such a beautiful song.”

DJ Gabriel Moreno, a professional DJ in the wedding industry for over 15 years said, 

“I’ve listened to many different types of love songs from a variety of artists and genres.  “Soul Harmony” captured me by its uniqueness of sound and meaningful lyrics. It is a work of art with the voices of Tricia Greenwood and Stephen Sea, just beautiful for formal weddings and engagement celebrations.  I’ve added “Soul Harmony” to my top ten list for Valentines Day and upcoming weddings to get people up and dancing after Cupid’s Shuffle” and Pharrell’s, “Happy.”

“On Valentines Day, people think of flowers, candy and candlelight dinners while listening to love songs. “Soul Harmony” evokes a sense of meaning and the lyrics help relationships reflect upon what’s important with expressions of understanding,” said Greenwood. “I’ve written songs to comfort and inspire, this enchanted song makes people in love feel incredible with a natural form of communication.” 

“You’ve got the love I need, so far so sweet

Living in love, 2 hearts meant to beat

in Soul Harmony”

After recording “Soul Harmony” Greenwood and Sea hoped to get the domain, but a search revealed that it belongs to one of the top dating sites on the web. When typing in, it actually goes to eharmony’s website. Although slightly disappointed, both Greenwood and Sea were impressed with eharmony’s foresight and cleverness.

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Tricia Greenwood
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