Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

The Egyptian Society of Australia (ESA) is concerned that the welcomed news of the release of foreign journalists from Egyptian jails, including Peter Greste, will now mean that more than 100 Egyptian journalists and photographers will soon be 'out of sight and out of mind'.    

ESA is therefore releasing the names of 101 Egyptian journalists and photographers that are known to be in Egyptian prisons to the Australian media.

In a recent leaked letter from jailed Egyptian journalist Abdullah Al Fakhrani, who is also the founder of RASSD News network, he said "In Egypt it is better for a journalist upon being arrested covering such events to be charged as a protester than to be charged as a journalist". A translation of this letter is attached to the release.

The Chairman for the Egyptian Society of Australia, Mr Mohammad Helmy, said "We need to be cognisant that while Mr Peter Greste is out, Egypt remains to be one of the top ten worst jailers of journalists in the world." He added, "The number of Egyptian Journalists currently in Egyptian prisons is astounding but they don't get anywhere as much global media attention as foreign journalists and therefore, we are releasing their names to the Australian media." 

Names are:

1. Magdy Ahmad Hussein, Alshab aljadeed
2. Mohsin Rady, Culture and Media in the People’s Assembly
3. Ibrahim Aldawry, Palestinian Centre for Studies
4. Ahmad Ez Aldeen, Alshaab Newspaper
5. Hany Salah Aldeen, Alyoum Alsabeh
6. Hassan Alqabany, Alkarama
7. Musad Albarbary, Ahrar 25
8. Amr Alkhafeef, Radio broadcasting in Maspero
9. Imad Abu Zeid, Alahram
10. Ahmad Almenshawy, Gazette
11. Said Abou Hajj, photojournalist, Sinai media
12. Ahmad Sabeh, Aqsa channel 
13. Samihy Mustafa, Rassd Network
14. Ali Abdulal, Islamiyon
15. Abdullah Alfakharany, Rassd Network
16. Ayman Saqr, Mesryoon
17. Mohamed Ali Hassan, Nahar Newspaper and Egypt Now Channel 
18. Mohamad Salah, Alshab aljadeed
19. Ibrahim Sulaiman, Fifth Channel 
20. Omar Abdelmaqsood, Masr Alarabiya
21. Khaled Hamza, Ikhwanweb
22. Mahmoud Abu Zeid (Shawkan), freelance photojournalist, Demotix
23. Ramy Gan, freelance
24. Mohamed Alyamany, Freedom and Justice paper
25. Abdelrahman Shahin, Freedom and Justice paper
26. Husam Isa, Freedom and Justice paper
27. Muhammad Madany, Masr25
28. Baher Mohamed, Aljazeera
29. Mohamed Fahmy, Aljazeera
30. Nora Rashed, Gomhoriya
31. Khaled Hamdy, Masr25
32. Hassan Khudry, Masr25
33. Khaled Abdelaziz, Masr25
34. Jamal Alalam, Masr25
35. Osama Ezz Aldeen, photojournalist, Masr25
36. Mohamed Hegazy, Masr25
37. Mohamed Aladly, Amgad
38. Hassan Ibrahim Albana, freelance photojournalist
39. Mahmoud Gad, freelance photojournalist 
40. Ahmad Abu Zeid Altantawy, Freedom and Justice paper
41. Abdelrahman Said Mustafa, Nabd Alikhbariya
42. Abdelrahman Morsi, Aqsa channel
43. Mahmoud Abdelnaby Awad, Rassd Network
44. Ibrahim Abdelnaby Awad, Rassd Network
45. Khaled Abdelraouf Sahloub, freelance
46. Ahmad Gamal Zeyada, Yaqeen
47. Said Mousa, Amgad
48. Omran Ashour Ahmad, freelance
49. Ahmad Khamees, freelance
50. Mohamed Reda, freelance
51. Ahmad Ali Alnagar, freelance
52. Mohamed Sulaiman, freelance
53. Khaled Junaidy, freelance
54. Salem Rehab, freelance
55. Imad Mohamed, freelance
56. Kareem Mustafa Alsaid, Shabab Channel
57. Omar Ahmad, freelance
58. Mohamed Ezzat, IkhwanOnline
59. Abdullah Shousha, Amgad
60. Bakry Abdelal, Alraya
61. Ashraf Mahmoud Khalifa, Freedom and Justice paper
62. Mohamed Hamdy, freelance
63. Ahmad Abdelhameed awad, freelance
64. Abdelrahman Labib Handiya, freelance
65. Ahmad Lashin, Masr25
66. Ahmad Fouad Alsaid, Kormoz
67. Kareem Shalby, Almasdr
68. Suhaib Mohamed, freelance
69. Bebshawy Armeia, Altareq Channel
70. Wael Alhudeiny, freelance
71. Sameh Albalah, Alsharq al-Awsat
72. Mohamed Mamoon, Ahrar25
73. Ibrahim Talha, freelance
74. Mahmoud Gamal Othman, freelance
75. Mohiy Qasam Abdeljawad, freelance
76. Mohamad Mustafa Abdelnaser, freelance
77. Ahmad Moharam Abdelsalam, freelance
78. Abdelrahman Mohamed Ahmad, freelance
79. Bilal Kamal Abdelal, freelance
80. Mohamed Abdelnaby Abda, freelance
81. Mohamad Ragab, freelance
82. Mustafa Ban, freelance
83. Mustafa Madih Helmy, freelance
84. Sameh Mohamed Bakry, freelance
85. Ahmad Moharam, freelance
86. Abdullah Gamal Meftah, freelance
87. Mohamed Mamon Abou Shousha, freelance
88. Ammar Samir Abdelghany, freelance
89. Ahmad Khamees Khedr, freelance
90. Bilal Abdullah Ahmad, freelance
91. Abdelrahman Hassan Abdelhaffez, freelance
92. Ahmad Khamees Abdelqawy, freelance
93. Kareem Abdullah, freelance
94. Huthaifa Mohamed, freelance
95. Anas Mohamed Alqady, freelance
96. Mohamed Ahmad Shehata, freelance
97. Osama Hisham Mohamed, freelance
98. Mohammed Husam Alkafrawy, freelance
99. Omar Mohammed Alsawy, freelance
100. Ahmad Ali Alnagar, freelance
101. Adel Alhaddad, freelance photojournalist 

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