Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

Can women tell the difference between a mobile game and real life? The developers of Coolest Girl In School will find out today when their game is launched at www.coolestgirlinschool.com, or by texting the word 'coolest' to 19PUNK86.
Coolest Girl in School has drawn the battle lines between those who say the game will turn girls into their parents' worst nightmares, and those that say Coolest Girl allows players to laugh at the fickle nature of high school hierarchies, subvert stereotypes, and most importantly, have FUN!...
The game's Adelaide based producers, Holly Owen of Champagne for the Ladies and Karyn Lanthois of Kukan Studio, have been shocked by the international interest in their independently produced mobile game for girls, which followed on the game winning praise from the Game Developers Association of Australia.
Says Holly Owen, "It's amazing how many people had such strong opinions about the game before it was even released. Coolest Girl In School has obviously touched a universal nerve!'
Karyn Lanthois of mobile entertainment company Kukan Studio agrees noting "journalists, academics and bloggers from all around the world have been writing about Coolest Girl In School despite never having played it themselves...we have even had articles written about the game in Russian."
The UK's largest mobile gaming website, www.pocketgamer.co.uk, reported "Mobile game in sex and drugs shame!" and asked "Is the Coolest Girl in School also the naughtiest?" The Australian Family Association labelled the game `toxic' but Canadian Professor of Psychology Sharon Lamb thinks Coolest Girl In School is "...really tongue-in-cheek and, well, hysterical.... It's the over the top part that makes it funny-- one way girls can confront the real stuff is to satirize and laugh at it in extreme form...".
Inviting players to `lie, bitch, and flirt your way to the top of the high school ladder', Coolest Girl In School is the world's first mobile RPG (role playing game) made specifically for girls, and the potential audience is huge. "Unlike other areas of gaming, well over half (60%) of casual mobile gamers are women but very few games are made specifically for female audiences," says Ms. Owen.
Green-Clad Gamer Dude writes on US based obsessive gamers website www.kotaku.com: "If I had a girlfriend, this would go on my list as the number one title to keep her away from."
If Green-Clad Gamer Dude had a girlfriend we are sure she would be interested to know that Coolest Girl in School is available as of TODAY by texting the word `coolest' to 19PUNK86. Terms and conditions apply. Go to www.coolestgirlinschool.com to check handset compatibility and terms and conditions. By texting any word to 19PUNK86 you agree to the terms and conditions. A one off fee of $5.55 will be charged to your bill or deducted from your pre-paid account. Standard data rates apply. Service is not available to prepaid 3 customers, 3 postpaid requires web/email pack.
For more information please contact spokesperson Holly Owen on 0412 665 394 or email: [email protected]
For high resolution screen shots from the game, photos of the game's creators and further information about how the game works visit:
Check out the first of Coolest Girl In School's YouTube ad campaign:

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Controversial mobile game for girls released throughout Australia today


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