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Diamonds are a Chef’s Best Friend

Revisit The Block on Channel 9 Episodes 31 and 32 to see the couples cooking with Swiss Diamond.

Swiss Diamond is the world’s leading cookware, made in Switzerland, using real Diamonds.

Swiss Diamond Cookware is recognized all over the world for superior performance, quality, durability, versatility and excellent heat conduction.

The American Vegetarian Association recommended Swiss Diamond Cookware for the preparation of vegan and vegetarian meals.

The Swiss Diamond manufacturing plant in the Swiss Alps is proud to use eco-friendly manufacturing methods and 100% hydroelectric power.

Why Swiss Diamond is the Chef's best friend:

  • Suitable for healthy and vegetarian cooking – no oil required

  • Manufactured under strict European health and safety regulations

  • The Diamonds originate from reputable European sources, subject to all international regulations and are explicitly found in conflict-free zones

  • No PFOA - throughout the entire production process

  • No lead, cadmium, or mercury

  • Handles are firmly attached without rivets to prevent bacterial build-up

Purchase Swiss Diamond Cookware online at The Block Shop or from a Swiss Diamond stockist.

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Swiss Made Brands Pty Ltd

Swiss Made Brands is part of the SMB Group Limited and it’s responsible for the marketing and sales of Swiss Diamond high end cookware & kitchenware in Australia.

The Swiss Diamond company started in the early 1970’s as an R&D company focused on coating technologies for different industries: food, medical, aeronautics and the Swiss watch business. In the year 2001 Swiss Diamond developed a new and revolutionary cookware coating technique which consists of real diamond crystals and high quality nonstick nano-components. This technology was honoured with a Gold Medal at the Inventor's Fair in Geneva, followed by other awards, accolades and world-wide recognition.

The company owns several patents and has the technology know-how that enables it to continue to produce superior performing cookware and its goal is to maintain the first class reputation as the world's leading cookware brand. Recently the company launched several new lines: Swiss Diamond Forged knives, Swiss Diamond Clad - 5ply stainless steel nonstick cookware, Swiss Diamond Cast iron cookware.

For more information please check: 

Paul Neil | General Manager
P: 03 9338 3519


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