Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Queensland based Fitness Enhancement Personal Training has just sold its first Sydney franchise only five months after selling its first Melbourne franchise.

The Gold Coast success story was started on just $400 by a then 19 year old S19 year old Scott Hunt in 1999.  2014 saw the company franchise to cater to demand and focus on becoming Australia-wide, thet were already the largest in Queensland.  The move has paid off so far with franchises in Sydney and Melbourne sold and up and running successfully along with many more in the works across Australia.


Fitness Enhancement’s success has partially come from saying what many non-exercise lovers think about Gyms, as Hunt explains, “most Australian’s think Gyms suck!  Most are full of posers, judgment (and the staff are often the worst) and the vast majority of members fail miserably and don’t go, which makes the Gym really happy when over half their members pay for something they never use”.  In an age where 24/7 Gyms are offering less and less service, to the point where the one and only time they’ll talk to 90% of members is when they hand over credit card details, Fitness Enhancement is a welcoming change. 


Fitness Enhancement Personal Trainers find it’s not the exercise that inactive or large clients hate, it’s all the problems that come with it.  Get rid of the problems, find an exercise that’s appropriate and personal, and the results and love of exercise come with it.  Shari Ware couldn’t agree more, she lost over 100kg with the company and only made a start thanks to Fitness Enhancement’s world first of “100% private Personal Training Studios”. 


Hunt is the first to admit his “Gyms suck” comments about much of the fitness industry are controversial, “less than 1% of Australia is in to strutting it at the Gym like a body builder, yet 63% of the country is overweight or obese, and the number is partially that high due to the 1% scaring people away from Gyms that really need help.  I really don’t care what the 1% thinks if I can help 63% of people”.


Sydney franchisee Sue Stedman who has just opened in Bondi couldn’t agree more, “exercise can be a life saver, literally a life saver for some people, so it’s exciting to be able to offer Fitness Enhancement sessions to all the people who are avoiding it and can now achieve their goals one on one with me in 100% privacy”.


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