Tuesday, April 27th, 2010
BED-hopping antics between four married couples may sound somewhat salacious – but it’s all part of the latest stage production at Playlovers in Floreat, WA.

Written by Alan Ayckbourn, Bedroom Farce follows the lives of the couples at different stages in their relationships and how they intersect one evening.

Whether it’s celebrating a wedding anniversary with pilchards on toast in bed, resting because of a bad back or sleeping in the spare room, a tangled web unfolds between the characters at a housewarming party.

Director Claudette Ridout said the play was more of a situation comedy, rather than a farce.

“Everybody in the audience will be able to relate to at least one of the characters,” she said. “It’s the sort of play people should come and see if they want a good laugh.”

Involved in theatre since coming to Australia in 1952, most of her work has been in Adelaide where, among many productions, she appeared as Miss Marple in Murder at the Vicarage.

Since moving to WA, she has directed an array of productions for Stirling Theatre, Playlovers, Old Mill Theatre and Harbour Theatre – and stepped into the breach to take on Bedroom Farce.

“The original director was unable to complete the show but I was delighted to be able to complete the season’s program,” Ridout said.

“One of the challenges is the set because it has to be workable on two levels.”

Bedroom Farce plays at 8pm, May 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 16, 20, 21 and 22 and 4pm, May 16. Tickets are $17, $15 concession – book on 0415 777 173 or through BOCS on (08) 9484 1133.

Playlovers is located at Hackett Hall, Draper Street (off Underwood Avenue), Floreat. More information about Playlovers is at www.playlovers.org.au.

bedroom1: Molly Kerr, Brendan Kerkvliet, Kerry Goode and Matt Lawrence (front) in Bedroom Farce at Playlovers.

bedroom2-3: Bedding down together… Gordon Barnett, Helen Maddocks, Kerry Goode and Molly Kerr (front) in Playlovers’ latest production.

bedroom4: Simon Kelly, Helen Maddocks and Emma Cottrell (front) find out three’s a crowd in Bedroom Farce.

bedroom5: Emma Cottrell, Simon Kelly and Helen Maddocks tuck in for a fun show at Playlovers.

bedroom-director: Director Claudette Ridout gives a few bedroom pointers to cast members Gordon Barnett, Helen Maddocks, Kerry Goode and Molly Kerr (front).

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Playlovers has been in operation for more than 50 years. Generally performing from Hackett Hall, Draper Street, Floreat, the company puts on four to six seasons a year - including one to two musicals.

Members are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the club: on the creative side (performing, directing, etc), the more technical activities (lighting, backstage, set-building, costume-making, etc) or on the sidelines (serving teas and coffees, and generally helping with other front of house activities).
Claudette Ridout
P: (08) 9446 6592
W: www.playlovers.org.au


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