Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

How to cut your Adwords budget in half but still get clicks

Did you know that Google reportedly made $1.8billion in Australian Search Revenue last year?  Australian Small Business need to keep an eye on their Adwords spending to make sure they are getting value out of the relationship.


What you want is to try and keep the same level of clicks for half the daily budget.  The situation: A start up business in Sydney signed up for an Adwords campaign to “kickstart his business” with a daily spend of $50 per day – that is $1500 a month (plus management fee).  Of course he started getting clicks and enquiries on his website but the quality of some of the leads was low and he was spending a large amount of his capital on marketing for just a handful of clicks a day.


Nicola Hardy, Adwords and SEO specialist, took over the management of his account, ran a much needed account health check and made some crucial changes. His business now maintains that same level of enquiry for just $750 a month and have also reduced the number of timewasters in the process increasing the quality of the leads.


Nicola’s method for running your own regular Adwords checkup involves:


  1. Negative keywords – constantly add to your list to reduce wasted clicks
  2. Two ads per ad group – do you have 2 ads running per ad group?
  3. Great ad copy – take a look at which ad gets more clicks, modify the poor performer to try and always beat the better performer
  4. A quality, Quality score – 5/10 or above – no excuses!
  5. Monitor your search terms – add any keywords that are winning you clicks


Nicola’s final piece of advice, “Don’t set and forget, it’s a bidding war out there!”




Nicola Hardy runs her own Google Adwords and SEO Management small business www.alohaclicks.com.au.  She is passionate about working with other Australian small businesses to help their business thrive.  This month visit us for the current February Flash Offer of no account setup fee!



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The company started in mid 2014 and is rapidly expanding through referrals and our own adwords campaign.

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