Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Raconteur, writer and PR guru Noel Tennison launches his latest book. In the book, “The Life of Every Party”, Tennison  tells the amusing story of his life over eight decades in Queensland and Victoria during which he became probably the only man in Australian history to have served six different political parties and five trade unions, wrestled with the Catholic Church and enjoyed three marriages and six children! His experiences ranging from illegal bookmaker to top government adviser provide a rich vein of humour and a unique view of Australian history starting only 30 years after Federation and extending to the present day.

Legendary cartoonist Geoff Hook will officiate the launch at the Melbourne Press Club on February 11, at 12:30pm.

In the book Tennison asks : So where can we look today for some beacon of light in our standards of human behaviour that might one day produce our next statesman?. He surmises that it may be easier to firstly eliminate the most unlikely sources of such inspiration:

“It won’t come from Rupert Murdoch’s media empire that has plumbed the depths of political manipulation and established a new level of   common denominator newspaper readership around the world. It won’t come from  shock-jocks like Alan Jones or scribes like Andrew Bolt who seem to revel in their role of Conservative attack dogs.  Nor will it come from the halls of federal parliament that are littered with career politicians who are persuaded by professional lobbyists, protected by carefully concocted media handouts, propelled by the findings of focus groups and devoted to the cause of victory over truth”  Tennison says.

“I am critical of many aspects of politics, government, church and society because the respective leadership does not seem to possess the vision that would allow it to rise above the mediocrity that engulfs it”.   In Tennison’s view, a revolution in leadership is required. " I cannot see it in our current political mist". 

After 80 years of life Tennison’s book provides a light hearted insight into a life that was involved in every political party and every machination of his time.


Book Launch

Melbourne Press Club

Wednesday February 11



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