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CINDERELLA and Marie Antoinette – both as you’ve never seen them before – are the subjects of two comedies featured in FRINGE WORLD this February.

Presented by Out of the Bag Productions at Playlovers Theatre in Floreat, The Broken Slipper is a black comedy about Cinderella facing the Fairytale Tribunal after breaking the rules by not marrying Prince Charming.

Also featuring Red Riding Hood’s grandma, a menopausal Snow White and Hansel and Gretel’s wicked witch, the play picked up a swag of awards at the 2014 Dramafest (the annual state drama festival), including best new writing, director and overall production.

A Piece of Cake sees a defiant Marie Antoinette spending her last days in a rat-infested prison cell with a smelly hag and Catholic peasant girl.

The three women form an unusual connection and the plot thickens a when surprise royal visitor arrives – cake is eaten and heads roll.

Both 40-minute shows are written by Yvette Wall and directed by Alida Chaney.

“I don’t always like playing by the rules myself,” Wall said, reflecting on The Broken Slipper.

“As someone who married, divorced and remarried my husband, ‘to thine own self be true’ is my favourite saying – within reason of course.

“Through the dramatic antics of these wonderful fairytale characters, we see the appeal of living happily ever after but at what price?

“I’ve also had a lifelong fascination with Marie Antoinette and how she’s portrayed in popular culture.

“She is the girl, the queen, the disgraced and the beautiful woman, portrayed as tragic and hilarious, making her a character of reality and fantasy.”

Chaney jumped at the chance to direct The Broken Slipper and, after its initial success, various people suggested it should be part of FRINGE WORLD.

“The play is already tried and tested and I’ve concentrated a lot on visual physicality and total ridicule to make it even more humorous,” she said.

“But it’s not all about humour – there’s a very powerful message in the dialogue, which came across to everyone who previously saw it.”

After the success of The Broken Slipper, Chaney and Wall discussed collaborating on another show for FRINGE WORLD – and A Piece of Cake is the result.

“The play touches on the more serious side of Marie Antoinette’s arranged marriage at the tender age of 14 to King Louis XVI, when she was sent from her homeland of Austria,” she said.

“But generally it’s a very tongue-in-cheek romp that should evoke a giggle or two from the audience.

“The biggest challenge is allowing the humour to carry the piece while making sure the pathos and ultimate message doesn’t get lost amid the laughter and gags.”

A Piece of Cake plays at 7.30pm and The Broken Slipper plays at 8.45pm February 19, 20, 21 and 22 with 2pm and 3.15pm matinees February 22. Tickets are $20 per show – book at

Playlovers is located at Hackett Hall, Draper Street (off Underwood Avenue), Floreat.

FRINGE WORLD Festival 2015 will be held from January 23 to February 22.



slipper1: Ursula Johnson as grandma and Sophie Prober as Cinderella in The Broken Slipper.

slipper2: The Broken Slipper features Sean Bullock as Prince Charming.

slipper3: Red Riding Hood’s grandma (Ursula Johnson), Snow White (Sharon Greenock) and Cinderella (Sophie Prober) all feature in The Broken Slipper.

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Out of the Bag Productions

Established in 2014, Out of the Bag Productions is a collaboration of the life experiences, creative talents and dreams of local artists Yvette Wall and Alida Chaney whose passion for all things theatre began many years ago.

Through this endeavour, Yvette and Alida aim to work with a variety of performers on new and established works and help to bring the talents of many gifted individuals to the fore.

Their first creative offering out of the bag is The Broken Slipper, a fairytale-inspired one-act black comedy, written by Yvette and directed by Alida, featuring an incredible cast of local Perth performers. This will be followed by A Piece of Cake. The Broken Slipper was recently part of the one-act play seasons at Playlovers and Stirling Players and was performed at Dramafest 2014 where it won six awards, including best director, best new writing and best overall production.

Alida Chaney
P: 0403 367 047


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