Thursday, January 29th, 2015

An article unveiling a new fold-pack prefabricated housing system by Australian company MODE Homes has just been published in the online Architecture & Design ( With demand for prefab housing in Australia set to boom, MODE’s out-of-the-box design concept promises a safer and more flexible, cost-effective and sustainable alternative to existing products.

“Seeing the article in print was a proud moment”, stated Sydney-based architect Matthew Dynon, director of MODE Homes. “After three years of designing, developing and building behind the scenes, the fold-pack system is finally out there.”

According to Matthew, fold-pack homes are completely constructed in the factory. They are folded down for cost-effective delivery and can be folded out on site by two people in just a few hours. Homes arrive fully clad, lined and ready for connection to services. "The folding concept will make site erection far easier and safer”, comments Bill Thompson, Research and Development at CSR Building Products, “and will require less manpower than assembling free hanging panels from a crane."

The MODE difference is a modular “system” rather than “single solution” products. Roof design and parapet walls allow modules to connect, slide, rotate, step, extend and stack. Multiple modules may be added in a multitude of ways to form a variety of house plans that can respond to site conditions and the functional requirements of the consumer.The article also put forward fold-pack’s sustainability credentials, quoting Professor Deo Prasad, Director of New South Wales University’s Centre for a Sustainable Built Environment (SOLARCH). “We are confident,“ commented Prof Prasad, “that MODE’s new ‘Fold-pack’ homes will achieve a high degree of sustainability with the expectation of an 8 star energy efficiency rating.”

“Publishing in Architecture & Design was the first step to making the building industry and readers at large aware of our system”, said Matthew. “We are hoping to interest industry partners and investment to help us roll out large volumes and secure a large share of the prefabricated home and schools market.“

Matthew conceded that the local prefab market is in its infancy relative to markets in North America and Europe, but saw this as a case of untapped potential. “Locally we believe that fold-pack has the potential to revolutionise both the provision of remote housing and relocatable school classrooms.”


Contacts: Matthew Dynon, Director, Mode Homes, [email protected] or [email protected],  Ph: +61 (0) 487 636 744


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With demand for prefabricated housing in Australia set to boom, MODE’s design concept promises a safer and more flexible, cost-effective alternative to existing products



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