Thursday, January 29th, 2015

The below organisations follow the developing revolution in Egypt with concern and aspiration. The below organisations salute all the men and women of the great Egyptian revolution, whose courageous struggle for freedom, justice and dignity is freeing Egypt from the fascist junta.

Since the military coup in July 2013, we have been witnessing the fast decline in Egypt on many fronts including political, economic and human rights fronts. This has led to a pressure cooker effect that has been building pressure over that period. The lid on this pressure cooker is the coup itself.

The ongoing events ending with the shooting of more than 30 people in 24 hours and the release of the Mubarak sons has transformed the Egyptian revolution to a fully-fledged act of revolutionary resistance to remove the military coup.

Egyptians have had enough with mass death sentences, kangaroo courts, crack down on freedoms of expression and on journalists, control of media, siphoning of public money to fund the junta's own interest, failing economy, failing health system and an increasingly corrupt police force.

We call upon the Australian government to stand with the will of the Egyptian people and their plight for freedom, justice and democracy. Doing so, we believe, is the most sustainable strategy to curb global terrorism.

The below organisations continue to condemn the coup and call upon all people of Egypt to stand united to take back their freedom and dignity.

  • Rabia Australia
  • Egyptian Society of Australia
  • Hany Sorial - Australian Egyptian Coptic activist
  • Voice for Human Right
  • Christians Against the Coup


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