Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Summer fundraising event to raise vital funds for research for better treatments for lymphoedema


Throughout February and March, the Iced Tea Party™ campaign will aim to raise more than $35,000 towards research and education for early diagnosis and treatment of lymphoedema, a debilitating, life-long disorder which may affect up to 300,000 Australians and New Zealanders at any one time.


Now in its fourth year, the Iced Tea Party™ campaign has raised more than $50,000 towards lymphoedema research, for education programs for the early diagnosis of the disorder, and for improving treatment protocols for patients.


It is still not known how many people live with lymphoedema, however it has been estimated that as many as 200,000 will develop the disorder as a result of cancer treatment. It can affect people of all ages and occurs when the lymphatic circulation fails to function correctly causing persistent swelling of the limb(s) and other areas of the body. Funds from the campaign can be used to develop an on-line Lymphoedema Registry which may answer this question.


Run by the Australasian Lymphology Association, the Iced Tea Party™ is a great way to get together with friends or colleagues, and raise funds for a cause that needs your support. As the coolest event this summer, the Iced Tea Party™ encourages people of all ages to get together and help raise awareness for a condition that we know so very little about.


“We are extremely happy with the results of previous years’ campaigns, and we’re looking forward to raising more important funds to support people living with lymphoedema,” said Dr Helen Mackie, Iced Tea Party™ campaign representative for the Australasian Lymphology Association. 


“The Australasian Lymphology Association is pleased to have Haddenham Healthcare as a gold sponsor in 2015, supporting the cause to raise awareness of this debilitating disorder, with a $5000 kick-start to the campaign”.


Early detection is key to ongoing management of the disorder, and while there is no cure, research is currently underway to find better ways to manage this lifelong disorder.


Dr Mackie added: “With so much more to be learnt about treatment and management, funds for research are crucial in improving the quality of life for people with lymphoedema.”


Be cool this summer and show your support – simply host an Iced Tea Party™ or donate directly to the campaign to help fund vital research. All Iced Tea Party events, images and details can be found at


For all media enquiries please contact Katherine MacPherson on 0423 761 734 or [email protected] 

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Australasian Lymphology Association

The Australasian Lymphology Association (ALA) is a not for profit organisation which offers education and advocacy for the treatment and management of lymphoedema, including skin care, exercise, manual lymphatic drainage and compression therapy. 

ALA is committed to promoting the development of lymphology in Australasia. The Association will strive to improve the management of those with, or at risk of developing lymphoedema and enhance communication between health professionals, educators, relevant authorities and government in regard to oedemas and lymphoedema.

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