Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Peter Ferreira of E-Cue will present "Let’s get to the heart of the matter with Points of You" - a remarkable new tool for coaches, at this Queensland event for International Coaching Federation Australasia Coach Week, an annual weeklong celebration of the coaching profession, this year to be held during the week 24 to 29 May. (For a full program of Queensland events, please contact Sharon Hudson, 0416 010 701.)

Peter will demonstrate a variety of coaching interventions and processes, using an innovative new coaching tool, “Points of You”.  Real life examples and case studies like this one will be discussed and analysed.

Matthew is a senior manager with a large company in the hospitality industry.

Gerald, an experienced coach and facilitator, worked with Matthew to help him come up with strategies to handle people more effectively in stressful situations. In the one hour coaching session with Gerald, Matthew had uncovered the ‘real’ issues that were affecting his performance, pinpointed key strategies and put together a plan of action.

Gerald said, “It was like a key opening up the lock – during the coaching process the emotions flowed and provoked in Matthew a different way of thinking about his issue and gave him some clear insights about how he could handle it going forward.”

So what was it about Gerald’s approach that helped him to help Matthew ‘get to the heart of the matter’?

Injecting an ingenious combination of words, pictures, stories, questions, and quotes into his coaching process, Gerald gave Matthew the opportunity to stretch beyond his normal way of thinking and stimulate another part of his brain to look at things differently – from different points of view.

Peter Ferreira, the presenter of this session at CoachWweek, says, “What’s magical about the process is you can use it in so many different ways and with different audiences. I have used it by myself, as a self coaching process; one on one coaching with clients as Gerald did with Matthew. I also use it with work teams and community groups – and that can be as an ice breaker or for deeper solution finding outcomes.”

As a coach and facilitator, Peter says the process accelerates the building of rapport between the coach and the client as well as the time it takes to get to the core of the clients’ issues or challenges. For the client it stimulates powerful insights, creates clarity, and actively prompts action.

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Sharon Hudson
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Points of You

Peter works with individuals, teams and leaders across a diverse range of industries and vocations with the common purpose being to help them enhance their behaviours and actions so that they can make a positive difference to their personal and work lives. Peter’s experience as a professional educator, presenter and coach spans more than 25 years. He has been very successful in his own consulting company E-Cue Pty Ltd (which celebrates its 10th year anniversary this year). Prior to establishing E-Cue, Peter held a number of senior employee relations and learning & development roles in Coca Cola Amatil, Suncorp, and AXA Australia. Drawing on his expertise in human behaviour and practical business ‘know how’, Peter engages his audiences in memorable and meaningful learning experiences. Together with his natural talent for connecting with all types of individuals and audiences, Peter has developed a unique flair for incorporating new and different techniques into his coaching and consulting practice. As a result, his services are constantly in demand.
Peter Ferreira
P: (07) 3841 8000
W: www.pointsofyou.com.au


Australasian Coach Week events, 24 to 29 May: Queensland Coach Week Program



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