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Simple tips for understanding Search Engine Optimisation and how the regular business owner can make a difference


If you don’t know about SEO then you have been living under a rock!  It is the new black in that it is the must do task for all businesses.  But be warned there are so many articles, blogs, workshops and information out there on it, that it can all get a little overwhelming.


Adwords and SEO specialist, Nicola Hardy says "Search Engine Optimisation is about having a clear message and target for your business.  If you do that, then your SEO organic results will reflect your success in sharing that message.  Customers will be able to find you, sales leads should increase and your website will be working well for you."


For some it is difficult to understand that when you have a business, and you create a website, why can’t Google show my website when people search for my product or service offering? Unfortunately it isn’t that simple.  There are lots of tasks that can be undertaken to improve SEO performance and below are some that can be and should done by everyone.


Nicola’s simple tips for maximising your own SEO performance are to:

  1. Google your product or service to see where you currently stand. For some businesses you will be in the golden number 1 spot, for others you won’t show up on the first 10 pages of the search results.
  2. If you do find your website amongst the later results, take a look at what it says in the search results (a title and a 1 - 2 line blurb on your business).  Is this correct? If not perhaps Google is confused about what your website says – Have your web person look at the settings.
  3. If you don’t show up for your product or service, try your business name. If you still don’t show up, then I recommend employing a specialist to get you on track.
  4. Set up Google My Business – a free offering by Google to help people find your business online.
  5. If you are on social media, make sure to include your business website in your profile/s as a link.


Any changes or progress you make in your SEO performance takes time for search engines to catch up.  Have fresh original content, be consistent with your message and update your website content regularly.  Patience and vigilance are what it takes to get to page 1 and number 1!



Nicola Hardy runs her own Google Adwords and SEO Management small business (www.alohaclicks.com.au).  She is passionate about working with other small businesses to help their business thrive.


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