Friday, January 23rd, 2015

With Adelaide in its annual grip of cycling fever thanks to the Tour Down Under, a local gym is turning to its new screening app to respond to a spike in bike-related aches, pains and strains as newly-inspired road warriors take to our streets on two wheels.

iNform Health and Fitness Solutions at Norwood, in partnership with Dr Kevin Norton, is using its world first tool, the MovementScreen app, to screen cyclists and would-be cyclists to detect and prevent injury risk factors and weaknesses that cycling can inflame.

“We applaud the Tour Down Under for inspiring people to use cycling to get more movement in their lives but when people launch into any new sport or exercise regime, there is always a high risk of injury,” says Max Martin, exercise physiologist and co-owner of iNform Health and Fitness Solutions.

“If we put falls to one side, there are two main trouble spots that new cyclists face, especially when they are coming from an office-based lifestyle of sitting down for long periods of time in forward flexed positions.

“Firstly, the low back and hips region will become a major centre for discomfort due to the position of the rider on a road bike.

“Secondly, riders’ knees are another flashpoint due to pelvis and hip issues, which are further exacerbated by being 'locked in' by a saddle and being 'clipped in' to the pedals.

“The tests performed in the MovementScreen shine a light on the issues that are likely to make the above injuries worse, providing our practitioners with a sound pathway to prevention through tailored exercise and guidance, so and ensure long term enjoyment of riding and the preservation of our beloved MAMiLs (Middle-Aged Men in Lycra),” he said.

This new, ‘practitioner only’ app provides a ‘movement score’ and an associated ‘Risk injury score’ based on 9 common exercises/movements and other health information obtained from the client.

The Movement Screen is currently only available at iNform Health and Fitness Solutions in Norwood before its Australiawide and worldwide launch in February 2015.

Members of the public can book in for a screening sessions until the end of February and are welcome to take their screening report back to their own gyms or personal trainers.


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iNform Health And Fitness Solutions

iNform Health and Fitness Solutions in Norwood, Adelaide, began with a re-imagining of what a health and fitness studio should look like; ours is spacious, uses natural light, boasts private showers and complimentary breakfast facilities so that clients feel relaxed and ‘at home’.

Our very ethos is based on "informing" ourselves of scientific research in our field and then breaking that down into meaningful, actionable insights for our clients.

Since iNform began in 2002, our vision has always been to play a vital role in lifting health standards communitywide, not just within our client base.

We believe the excellent, discussion-starting material being created by our team, coupled with our series of public seminars and, most recently, the development of Corrective Exercise Australia, has dramatically begun bringing this vision to reality.

Max Martin
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