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Average people spend about two-third of their time in their home. So people constantly looking for home improvement projects to make their house more ideal. No matter it is a small job like changing new lighting fixture or replacing a door, or some major project such as floor changing or adding an extension to your house, finding a reliable and professional contractor is very important to the successful of your project. Your home is one of your most valuable assets and you want to be cautious when you are choosing a contractor.

You will see lots of advertisements of contractors on TV, radio, newspapers, and other print media. However, you should always better to first try get references from your friends or neighbours who have had a similar project done before so that they know the quality and level of services they received. Try ask for a fee estimate as well and find out what is the reasons of the price variations.

There are two types of contractors. First one is general contractors. They will help you manage your project from start to finish. They will look after liaison with designers, getting permits, hiring sub-contractors, supervising the site work, and also scheduling. However, depends on the project size this kind of contractors could get very expensive. So it is recommended only for big projects. Another type is the specialty contractors. They are specialised in one particular area, such as cabinet making or landscaping. These contractors are generally lower in fees but has a very quick turnaround time.

Unfortunately not all contractors are working at the same standard, so you need to pay attention to their reputation when you are choosing one. Some red flags to be considered are:

  • Someone that is knocking door-to-door, claiming that they have some leftover materials from their previous job, and would be able to cut you a good deal.
  • Only accept cash payment
  • They try to pressure you into an immediate decision
  • They will ask you to pay for the entire work up front

You should also pay attention to if they have an ABN number. As in Australia, if the contractor does not provide you with their ABN, you can withhold 49% of the payment.

When you have the short-list in mind, you need to interview each contractor that you are considering. Things to ask such as “how long have you been in business”, “could you show me your license qualification”, and “what types of insurance you carry”. As for an example for Complete Floor Stripping, we have over 30 years experience in the home renovation industry and we are a licensed asbestos remover. We are family owned and will look after your floor stripping and tile removal for your home project.

Choosing the right contractor will need some work and time but it will help you to save a lot of trouble for your home in the long run.

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Complete Floor Stripping

Complete Floor Stripping is a family owned and run business providing a wide range of floor removal services in Perth, WA.  Our specialists remove of all types of flooring including ceramic tiles, marble, porcelain, slate, terracotta, timber, carpet, glues and adhesives. We are experienced professionals with extensive experience in all aspects of floor removal, as well as more than twenty years’ experience in construction and renovation.

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