Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

A personal investment in style and comfort. A customized experience, tailored to perfection… let our expertise provide a valuable asset for your professional career. 

Our company name KAZUNA is a combination of two Japanese words:

Kazu typically means 'Japanese' or 'sincerity', 'harmony' and 'unity'


Na (Takumi) means 'perfection' and 'craftsmanship'.

Our label KAZUNA is inspired by the ideal of achieving perfection in the creation of high quality clothing at a reasonable price. We strive to assist our customers with our professional service and expertise, so you can fully appreciate the beauty of Japanese craftsmanship. 

 Our mission statement is based on the Japanese word KODAWARI, which translates to: “a sincere and unwavering focus to achieve perfection and precision at a task, whilst knowing that perfection may not be possible.”  This term is often used as a compliment to any individual who devotes their lifetime to perfecting their craft, and every member of the Kazuna team is dedicated to pursuing perfection on behalf of our customers. 

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