Monday, January 12th, 2015


uConnectHealth will be throwing a free event on Sydney’s Manly beachfront on the 17th and 18th of January 2015, kicking off at 10am.

All teens in the area are invited to discover more about maintaining their mental, physical and emotional health whilst enjoying the selfie booths and other attractions planned for the two days.

The January event is set to be the first of a number of workshops designed by uConnectHealth to help bridge the gap between the health system and young people, and explores specific youth health issues such as bullying, body image, binge drinking, depression, anxiety and stress.

uConnectHealth program developer  Renee Hayden explains:

‘Our activities aim to motivate young people  to reach out for trusted medical advice without stigma. The event is a great way to educate the North Shore and Northern Beaches local youths about their physical and mental health in a fun, social and relaxed environment…’

Presented by the Sydney North Shore and Beaches Medicare Local, uConnectHealth also equips young people with the practical skills needed to support a healthy body and mind including negotiating the health system, accessing appointments, managing costs and billing, Medicare, and patient rights.

Hayden states:

“Local health services are keen to build trust and relationships with young people in our region, and events like these encourage youths to go to the right health professionals at the right place and the right time.


Whether you’re looking for a fun way to spend a weekend with your friends taking selfies and exploring the 3D Chalk Walk, or a parent looking to support the health and wellbeing of your child, head down to Manly’s beachfront for the uConnectHealth event on January 17th and 18th. Kick off time 10am.

For further event information visit the uConnectHealth website here, call the team on 9432 8251, or send an email enquiry at [email protected] .

 And don’t forget to like the uConnectHealth page on Facebook!

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