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Prompt notification of a power outage helps to avoid costly damage caused by power outages. Without commitment to a monthly fee customers get a cell phone alert that gives them time to take corrective action.

iSocket Systems have introduced iSocket® for power outage monitoring to the Australian market. This plug-in device uses the Australian mobile networks and notifies the user immediately the power fails in a remote location. This allows people to take the appropriate action. The manufacturer does not charge for this service and claims that the cost of using iSocket can be as little as 9 cents a month. The product is fully certified for use in Australia and is unique on the market.

Australia’s extreme weather regularly results in power outages. For example the Brisbane storm in November 2014 resulted in damage in excess of $1Bn, according to ABC news.[1] Farmers, boat owners, the fishing industry, frozen food suppliers, greenhouse owners, weather stations, data centres and everyday homes and offices stand to lose everything. Prompt reaction could reduce the collateral damage. With an immediate power outage alert, more time is given to take corrective action. For example, farmers could restore power to incubators or cattle feeders before permanent damage occurs, boat owners can react quickly when they lose shore power, greenhouse owners can restore power to their irrigation systems.

iSocket can send power failure alerts by text message to up to 10 pre-programmed numbers. The device is compatible with Telstra, Optus and Vodafone mobile networks, which means that almost all Australian territories are covered. It is operated by a SIM card from any operator, including mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) and the suitable tariffs can be chosen from a wide range that are on offer, either on a contract or prepaid SIM cards.


When asked why this is new for Australia the PR contact of the company, Doug Lumley, said:

For Australia this is a new product, because only we offer a plug-in product tailored for power outage monitoring with the Australian standard plug. This is not a case of DIY, it’s a ready-to-go product - no wiring, no complicated configuration. Just plug it into a power point and send the message “ALERTME” to the device, and it’s ready for action. ALERTME” is actually brand-new for the Australian iSocket. We've all heard horror stories about exploding chargers and similar and people are more careful about buying uncertified products.[2] Rest assured that Australian iSocket is certified and our local representative is the appointed Responsible Supplier for ERAC.

The good news is that the running cost of device can be as low as 9 cents per month. iSocket Systems recommend using prepaid SIM cards from virtual network operators that offer competitive prices without an airtime expiry date. One of these is Truphone SIM, who only charge 9 cents per message.[3] Provided the device only sends one power outage alert, the cost of this alert is only 9 cents for this message. In practice the cost depends on how many numbers are configured for alerts and how often power outage occurs on the location.

About the technology a FAE of a company, Tommi Haukka tells:

This is not an audible alarm. Because it uses the mobile network it’s international – whether you’re on a business trip or on the beach, you’ll get the sms and you can take action. We use a top quality li-ion battery that is sufficient to power a mobile module and send a power outage alert to several numbers, even after a break in the mobile network. We avoid using super-capacitors as cheaper products do, because these are not reliable enough for our purposes. Though, to build a reliable system we recommend that our customers use a few devices on the same project using SIM cards from different operators running on different mobile networks. Which is another reason why we don’t supply our product with built-in connectivity, which has become popular for some mobile devices on the market nowadays. Our product is not locked into working with one particular network.

The product is available direct from local Australian stock via a new website for a list price of AU $189, with a 30 day money back guarantee and 2 years full warranty. The product will also be available from local dealers.

Any additional questions can be asked using the contact form on website.



1. "Brisbane storm bill soars to more than $1 billion". ABC news. 5 December 2014.

2. "USB charger blamed for woman's electrocution". ABC news. 27 June 2014.

3. "Truphone for Australia". 6 January 2015.


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