Tuesday, April 27th, 2010
The first issue of “Radiology Dynamics”, the new Imaging e-Newsletter from Imaxeon, focuses on the use of injection protocols to achieve diagnostically accurate results in radiology procedures such as computed tomography (CT) angiography. The free e-Newsletter includes case studies, technique reviews, news and other practical resources specifically for radiology administrators, technologists and nurses.

CT scanning, a radiology imaging procedure that uses x-rays to show cross-sectional images of the body, is used for a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Modern CT scanners are extremely accurate and fast. Patients benefit from less radiation exposure and fewer repeated tests. Paradoxically, these technology advances make the work of radiology technicians more challenging. The sensitivity and speed of the new scanners mean that contrast must be delivered at the right dose and at precisely the right moment.

New contrast injection protocols (software) are helping radiology technicians to achieve consistent imaging of delicate yet functionally important structures, such as coronary arteries and the pulmonary system. MEDRAD's P3T injection protocol software is one example. The P3T software facilitates precise coordination of contrast injection and scanning. Such protocols also make it easy to tailor, or optimise, contrast dose according to patient size.


Continuing with the theme of contrast delivery and scanning coordination, the featured case study highlights the importance of contrast bolus timing and its usefulness in imaging the pulmonary system. Images are provided courtesy of Charbel Saade, radiographer, http://mdct.com.au

“The Radiology Dynamics Imaging e-Newsletter is designed to support radiology technicians, nurses and administrators, in obtaining diagnostic quality images rapidly and efficiently” says editor Leona Mulcahy. “I look forward to bringing readers succinct and practical information that will help make their work easier”.

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For diagnostic imaging, Imaxeon provides contrast injection systems and radiology accessories that include the MEDRAD range. To facilitate complex radiology procedures, Imaxeon also offers protocol optimisation tools that ensure the ideal timing and quantity for contrast and saline delivery. Imaxeon is a fully owned subsidiary of MEDRAD.
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