Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Events in Iceland last week highlight how unpredictable events can have a major economic impact on business. And these major disruptions seem to happen more frequently. While Australian businesses have begun disaster recovery and contingency planning, many still overlook the value of using new approaches like strategic foresight and design thinking to prepare for surprise and unpredictable events that could derail their businesses overnight.

Pensito, a new strategic foresight events group, aims to deliver programs for people in business, education, non-profits and government that help them prepare for the future. Elizabeth Rudd, futurist, and co-founder of Pensito, says “Pensito programs will assist organisations to identify major opportunities as well as major threats in their futures. They will provide the insights people need to make good decisions today, and to reduce uncertainty. Put simply, through our events, we aim to help people develop their foresight capacity.”

Maree Conway, co-founder of Pensito, added “While we all use foresight in our personal lives, for example beginning a savings plan for your child’s education, it is a greater challenge for an organisation to build and use foresight to drive their strategic decision making. It is too easy – and more comfortable - to believe the future will be the same as the present, rather than explore and better understand uncertainty.”

Futurists help businesses understand the major trends and events that could affect it in the future and identify the opportunities and threats that might be created. For a futurist, thinking 5-20 years into the future is commonplace. What is that worth in dollar terms? It could be the creation of a whole new market or product category - just ask Apple about the iPod. Or it can mean the ability to successfully defend your markets and maintain your profitability - just ask any major newspaper today. So while hindsight allows us to analyse what happened, foresight enables us to understand what might happen and use that knowledge to respond more quickly to opportunities and threats.

Pensito’s first event explores how to change the way we think about the future. When asked what attendees would get from attending, Maree replied, “Attendees will learn how to:
• identify threats that may impact the bottom-line;
• identify opportunities for growth; and
• become more resilient to prepare for and lessen the shock of external events and trends.”

Elizabeth Rudd said, “Organisations feel as though the world is becoming more uncertain, but they are not sure what they can do about it. How do they understand what it means for them, and what they should do about it today? The seminar is designed to help them reduce this uncertainty and find new opportunities.”

The seminar is in Brisbane, 25 May and Melbourne, 27 May. More information and registration details are available on the website,

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Pensito was established by Elizabeth Rudd (FutureNous) and Maree Conway (Thinking Futures) in 2010 to deliver seminars and workshops on how to make the time and space to ponder the possible - to think about alternative futures to strengthen business strategy today.

Pensito programs provide the ideas, perspectives and increased understanding about the long term context for organisations, and are designed as strategic foresight learning experiences.

Our seminars are most useful for senior executives, managers and strategic thinkers in organisations. Our workshops focus on the 'how to' of implementing innovative strategy development processes in your organisation and are designed for people who will be implementing strategy.

Attending a Pensito event will provide you with new insights on strategy development, and the tools you need to ensure your organisation is ready for the challenges and uncertainties of the future.
Maree Conway
P: 0425770181


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