Friday, April 23rd, 2010
Adelaide residents were recently jolted from their sleep when a magnitude 3.8 earthquake (the strongest in 20 years) struck just south of Mt Barker last Friday the 16th April.

Quick off the mark to seize a light hearted marketing opportunity out of this rare freak of nature, an Adelaide company leapt into action the follow morning with catchy commemorative t-shirts.

Adelaide based creative digital media company Danimations came up with a humorous slant on the quaky event.

“After the quake we tossed around some jokes about the event and decided they’d make great t-shirts and hats. Obvious one liners such as: Did the earth move for you? Did your windows and roof rattle? – seemed appropriate,” said Danimations Director Dan Monceaux.

“After all, we haven’t had a decent shake up since 1954 when the last earthquake struck Adelaide. No lives were lost and no harm was done,” added Mr Monceaux.

“The main point of this promotion was to give our new online merchandise functionality a test drive. For example, the quake t-shirts and hats come with the slogan: I survived the Adelaide Earthquake April 16 2010. Customers can add their own images, move / resize / rotate / centre and colour code their t-shirt - all in real time,” explained Mr Monceaux.

“We were amazed that we achieved an immediate sale and very pleased that our new online product was an immediate success,” added Mr Monceaux.

Adelaide Commemorative T-shirts and hats can be ordered at the Danimations website:

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Danimations is a creative digital media company based in Adelaide, South Australia. Just to name some of Danimations services: sound and music distribution, video, animation, photography, online shop facility.
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