Friday, December 19th, 2014

This week NET-WORK-PLAY announces its first run of speakers for inclusion in its 2015 event, promising myriad differing contributors in relevant fields to today's changing digital media landscape. This first release announces a trailblazing HBO filmmaker, a Fairfax Media digital wizard, an angel investor wrangler and a BBC commissioning editor.

NET-WORK-PLAY is a three-day conference and marketplace focusing on factual screen content, technology and entrepreneurship. The event takes place at the Adelaide Convention Centre, 23-25 February 2015.

NET-WORK-PLAY aims to present the current state of media creation and distribution, to provide cutting-edge knowledge and career opportunities for our delegates.

NET-WORK-PLAY’s first speaker announcement includes Erin Lee Carr, Stefan Savva, Christie George and Kate Townsend, each currently working in key areas of content and tech support and representing vastly differing paths into the content industry from different parts of the world.

Lee Carr started her career as a video blogger, before beginning her work as a documentary filmmaker with VICE Media in 2009, the world’s largest online youth news network. Her work on exploring the intersection between the Internet and crime has led to her current position as a filmmaker for HBO Documentary Films in New York.

Savva is the current mobile director for Fairfax Media, one of Australia’s largest and most influential media companies. Responsible for the mobile strategy and direction of more than 50 market-leading mobile and tablet assets including the award-winning SMH and AGE apps, Savva aims to develop digital product strategies that deliver best-in-class mobile products with exceptional user experiences.

George is the Director of New Media Ventures, a network of angel investors supporting media and tech startups. Based in San Francisco, George has overseen the investment of over $4.5 million into upcoming non-profits and for-profits, constantly searching for startups that seek to disrupt politics and catalyze progressive change.

Townsend is a producer and director of factual content from the United Kingdom, working extensively with the BBC on such internationally distributed and popular programs as Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekend and Paddington Green. Her award-winning work has seen her rise to the position of Commissioning Editor for Storyville, the BBC’s strand showcasing and commissioning the best in international documentaries.

This week NET-WORK-PLAY also announce a partnership with startup accelerator Innovyz – known for their successful programs Australia-wide. Underpinning AIDC’s move into a new era of media convergence this partnership demonstrates how new business models are creating opportunities for all those involved in creating, distributing and consuming factual-screen content.

AIDC’s new event, NET-WORK-PLAY, marks the start of a search for new business models to compliment the traditional documentary financing models that have been a focus of the organisation’s previous events. By opening up the fold to startups and entrepreneurs working on technology-focused or customer-facing products or services, NET-WORK-PLAY is set to break ground with new creative collaborations that defy traditional industry models.

NET-WORK-PLAY Executive Director Joost de Hartog said; “We are pleased to partner with Innovyz. The organisation has a proven track record for bringing promising young ideas and companies from around the world to a global market. Their hands-on development process offers a lot of pointers for the screen production industry. It is great to have the expertise of the Innovyz team on board.”

Through Innovyz, NET-WORK-PLAY will explore case studies that demonstrate successful business models in the area of content and technological collision. One such example of technological innovation is the recent winner of Anthill’s Cool Company Awards for 2014 - video search startup – Peepable.  

Peepable is a search engine for video that allows users to search videos from across the web for content contained within the videos themselves. With an aim to make video as searchable and shareable as the written word, Peepable is challenging the big guns of search such as Google, Bing and Yahoo; and has already secured over $500,000 of investment.

Innovyz Chairman Philip Vafiadis said; “how we all manage our lives is hugely impacted by what we think we know. In today’s world full of ‘content noise’, factual content is more important than ever. Looking back at how what we used to call documentaries have moved me personally, or moved me to change, I look forward to new collaboration models, business models and technology amplifying the benefit of this type of communication. To say Innovyz is pleased to be a resource to contribute towards helping shape the future of this industry would be an understatement.’

NET-WORK-PLAY is presented by AIDC Ltd, a 27-year-old peak organisation for the factual film and television industries. AIDC’s annual events have a strong reputation for bringing the Australian and international factual content industry together for an extensive conference program and marketplace. AIDC defines ‘content’ as television and streaming product, with an emphasis on documentary, specialist factual, unscripted programs and factual entertainment.

For further information about NET-WORK-PLAY contact Jacky Smith on +61 (08) 8 7324 9987 or +61 410 308 616

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