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No More Nitz “Yeah Right”. When you heard that a salon claims to get rid of all your head lice in just one treatment you too said: “Whatever” “Sure” “I don’t think so” “In their dreams””Have to see it to believe it”.

Have you had those thoughts? “You’re not alone”. Everyone that comes into the No More Nitz  salon for the first time have exactly the same thoughts. ‘Skeptics’ come and believers go’. Some of the very people that have said those very words prior to having their children treated, are now employed by No More Nitz and others are considering purchasing a No More Nitz Franchise.

"We understand that it’s hard to believe," says Jennifer Holt. "The fact of the matter is that we do this every day, ‘day in and day out’. We change people’s lives every day. We help children that are lacking in sleep, irritated, embarrassed, traumatized and frustrated return to a state of being happy, smiling, confident, non-scratching and emotionally changed.

"We meet parents every day that have researched everything about head lice; spoken with professors; non-believers that there is a solution; and, used every product under the sun; to mothers who have simply resigned to the fact that they just can’t get rid of it at all.

"Other parents that have come into the salon stating that they know more about head lice than anyone else because they have dealt with it for so many years, to further follow on by requesting that we only cut their child’s hair (head lice infested). They go on by telling us that their children only have dead eggs, so they don’t need a treatment. The problem with this is there are no dead eggs.

"They are either living or they have hatched, leaving behind a shell. This very mother changed her tune after watching other children in the salon walk out NIT FREE, others returning for their 7 day check up and being cleared after only minutes and to top it off, reading all the ‘thank you notes’ from children and their parents that have been through the treatment and are still NIT FREE."

Some parents argue about the price of the service, however after watching the amazing transformation of their child going from a head lice infested; introverted; and, quite child, to a smiling; alert; confident; and, happy child, they apologize humbly for their actions, after watching in ore at what the consultants at No More Nitz do for their child in approximately 1 ½ hours and only one treatment. Their overall experience with head lice over the years often has parents writing to us ‘thanking us’ for helping their family and home life.

Upon visiting the salon all clients are quoted for their treatment and educated on how to prevent head lice from coming back. Our job at No More Nitz ‘Is to get rid of head lice’. Your job ‘Is to prevent it from coming back’. Parents are informed that prevention starts the minute they walk out the front door and get into their car. No More Nitz have information brochures and a Prevention Pack designed to assist every family with eradicating head lice from the car and furniture, while the child is at school and also at home.

"We surround you with a protective barrier that will assist you with cleaning up your environment, keeping head lice at a distance and killing head lice before they start laying eggs. We highly recommend that you follow our preventative steps, so that you can manage head lice effectively at school and at home. However if you opt to just treat and not prevent, then it is almost inevitable that your child will get head lice again and again.

For parents that have tried everything with minimal or no results, one thing to know about head lice is ‘if you don’t get rid of all the eggs (nits) then you will never get rid of head lice’. The products available to you in the pharmacy will help you kill the live lice however will not assist you with removing the eggs (nits). In order for you to remove the eggs, the only trusted treatment besides the No More Nitz Salon treatment is to manually remove the eggs yourself ‘one by one’. If you have more than two children with head lice, the idea of manual removal is just too overwhelming for some parents. Situations like this often bring on stress, frustration and overwhelming emotions for many parents.

This is why mums and dads like you are visiting the No More Nitz Specialised Head Lice Treatment Salon in droves. People are travelling from places as far as; Dubbo, Coffs Habour, Tweed Heads, Wollongong, Canberra and even interstate to be treated.

One thing for all parents to remember is that, this is not a hair dressing salon or knocked up shabby fly by night outfit. No More Nitz are Professionals and Specialists in the field of Head Lice and ‘Getting Rid Of Head Lice In One Treatment’. “Head Lice Is Our Business”. We are pioneers in the business of Head Lice. We are breaking through barriers that have never been broken before. We believe in what we do every day, ‘so much so’ that we want all parents dealing with head lice, to take up the challenge and ‘NOT PAY’ if No More Nitz do not get rid of their head lice in one treatment.

‘It’s that simply’ ‘No Ifs and No Buts’.

If we don’t get rid of your head lice in one treatment YOU DON’T PAY!!

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