Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Australian photographer Yervant has become the only Australian to win the photography industry’s most prestigious accolade - a Lifetime Achievement Award from Wedding and Portrait Photographers International.

The award is the photographic equivalent of an Oscar. A Fellow of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers, Yervant is recognised globally by his peers for his “contribution to the photographic industry and society” – yet outside the industry, his name is hardly known in Australia.

WPPI spokesperson Bill Hurter says that Yervant was recognised primarily because his contribution to the art and technique of wedding photography “is unparalleled”.

“Quite simply, he has raised the bar significantly,” Mr Hurter says. “With his fine art approach, Yervant has helped to redefine people's perception of wedding photography as an art form. No one in recent memory has done more to positively impact wedding photography than Yervant."

The accolade is just one of many for Yervant, who studied fine art and photography in Venice before moving to Australia in the mid 1970s to study photography in Melbourne. He was named number 1 Australian wedding photographer in 2007, 2008 and 2009, by Capture Magazine.

Born in Ethiopia, Yervant is the son of an Armenian photographer who served in Ethiopia as royal photographer to the Emperor Hailee Silasee. At age 11, Yervant won his first award with an African landscape image. The Emperor requested a private meeting with the talented young photographer and encouraged him to pursue his ambition.

Yervant continues to innovate and create new benchmarks within the industry and is still actively contributing through his Melbourne based boutique studio.

“Wedding photography is about being a portrait photographer, fashion photographer, landscape photographer, and photojournalist all within any five minutes of a wedding day,” says Yervant.

“No stylists, no art directors, no Polaroids – you need to see it and make sure to shoot each image technically right - and deliver the story of the bride and groom with insight, accuracy and glamour.”


1. Yervant

2. Nina -"Today's bride" one of Yervant's iconic images which has been imitated by hundreds worldwide.
This image won a Gold Award for photographic excellence with AIPP.

3. Wedding Traditions - This award won Gold with Distinction and Yervant was awarded 'Photojournalist of the Year 2009' with this and other similar photojournalist images.

Further photographs available on request: please call Anie Zanazanian on +61 3 9670 1170

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