Thursday, December 18th, 2014

Hangovers often bring on splitting headaches and postponed plans.  Carefully laid plans were made the previous day, but after a couple of drinks too many, those plans are down the toilet, probably along with half of the night's consumption...a scenario that could have been avoided with Hydrodol.

Melbourne-based pharmacy company, BioRevive, has been in the business of relieving hangovers since 2002 with their hangover relief supplement (sold in pharmacies throughout Australia). Hydrodol is designed to alleviate the adverse effects of excessive alcohol consumption and is taken whilst drinking. Hydrodol's Marketing Manager, Debbie Clemens explains the brand's growing popularity:

"Some hangover supplements tend to make miraculous claims...unsurprisingly they don't last long in the marketplace. Hydrodol is certainly no 'cure-all' and we don't recommend it for binge drinking."

"Its far more beneficial to those who are likely to feel the adverse effects from 1-2 drinks more than they're used to. The brand has a growing, loyal following who tell us that when they've taken Hydrodol, it really helps take the edge off the morning after and as a result they are far more likely to stick with their plans or commitments for the next day."

Filled with a whole host of body-loving ingredients such as amino acids, B1 and B2 vitamins, minerals, an anti-oxidant and a powerful Chinese herb (pueraria lobata) which has been used to relieve hangovers for centuries; it’s no surprise that Hydrodol can help people get on with their day. Hydrodol is best taken whilst drinking to relieve hangover symptoms such as nausea, dehydration, headaches, diarrhoea etc. Hydrodol's new branding now boasts a sleek, black, portable pack that slips easily into the smallest of clutches or pockets.

If you have plans tomorrow and want to feel ready to face the day, make Hydrodol your drinking buddy and cruise through the party season!

HYDRODOL is available from pharmacies nationally including Chemist Warehouse in a 2 dose (8 capsules) RRP $13.95 and 4 dose (16 capsules) pack RRP $19.95. Or from

Always read the label and only use as directed. Consult your doctor if symptoms persist.
Note: Hydrodol supports responsible drinking. Hydrodol is recommended for light to moderate drinkers of alcohol only. 76%* of participants experience a hangover the morning after moderate drinking i.e. alcohol concentration rose to 0.115 g%.*Ref: Howland J, et al (2008). The incidence and severity of hangover the morning after moderate alcohol intoxication. Addiction; 103(5):758-65.


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BioRevive is a Melbourne-based importer and distributor of health and well-being products. We search the world for products that will surprise and delight our customers and distribute them via pharmacies across Australia. BioRevive products are available in almost 5000 pharmacies in every state and territory. Our brands include Prospan, Nagestic Osteo, Milky Foot, Spotner, Hydrodol, CleanEars and more.

Deborah Clemens
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