Friday, December 12th, 2014

The Australian economy is in a major transition, as globalisation deepens its impact, new forces have increased costs while reducing productivity. For many local organisations, these new forces are exposing them to tougher competition while reducing their ability to compete. To simply remain in the game, companies need to find ways to compete with more advanced and valuable international market offerings. 

Manufacturing Focus has not been immune to this need for change. Now known as Advanced Focus, the company has launched a change in name, branding, service offerings and market position to reflect the needs of industry in a transforming economy.

The manufacturing sector is just one area that is under pressure and needs to change. The Food, Resources, Service and Defence sectors are also making moves to “re-engineer” their business models, products, services and processes to compete and succeed in this new environment. 

“Equipping companies for game-changing results has been our focus since day one. You cannot “save your way to success”. Now more than ever, companies must realise significant new value and be empowered for the necessary organisational changes. We work in partnership with companies to help identify the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ that underpin the successful planning and execution of change to compete in this new environment,” says Mark Fusco.

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