Thursday, April 22nd, 2010
Innovative Aussie company gains momentum with new customer Calmsley Hill City Farm and others

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – April 22, 2010 – Solar-Gem (, a Sydney-based company that provides affordable off-grid energy solutions based on clean solar power systems, today announced that it is continuing to grow its customer base for its unique solar energy solutions. The company’s solutions deliver clean, efficient power for lighting and other applications to remote and under-developed regions around the world.

The system is a turnkey, yet modular product comprising a set of solar panels, battery and Solar-Gem’s own invention, made up of a smart energy controller with an on-board billing system. Solar-Gem’s solution powers lights, as well as other small applications such as mobile phones and laptops and is the first solution of its kind to provide a 10-year system life, at least 2.5 days of energy without a charge, software-controlled energy regulation for efficiency and automated diming and scalability to incorporate higher-wattage appliances.

Calmsley Hill City Farm, which provides opportunities for students and the community to learn about the creation and management of an urban farm, recently implemented two Solar-Gem units as part of its new Sustainable Learning program.

“Calmsley Hill strives to expose students and other visitors to concepts and environments they might not otherwise get to experience as residents of metropolitan areas, including the concept of sustainability,” said Chris Andrew, sustainability advisor at Calmsley Hill. “Our goal for the farm is for it to become carbon-negative, and Solar-Gem’s solar energy solutions have helped us get much closer to that goal by reducing the need for electricity in our animal nursery.”

The Farm used Solar-Gem’s solution for lighting during the recent Earth Hour on March 27, when an estimated one billion people around the world turned off their lights for one hour as a call for action on climate change.

“While the rest of the world turned off their lights, we were able to keep City Farm’s on thanks to Solar-Gem,” said Andrew.

Calmsley Hill City Farm is just one of the many organizations worldwide currently using the Solar-Gem solution. Others include CNEC Partners International, a Christian relief organization that recently shipped two units to a hospital in the Congo to provide much-needed light in an emergency ward.

Electricity is one of the critical inputs for overall economic development and prosperity of a country, according to the United Nations millennium development goals. Still, a lot of the world’s population is without this basic need. Nearly 500 million people are without electricity in India, reported the Energy and Resources Institute of India in its July 2008 newsletter. And a World Resource Institute study in 2007 estimated that between 80 and 90 percent of people in Africa did not have basic energy.

Studies have shown that with even a small amount of electric energy available for lighting, there is a dramatic improvement in the quality of life for remote rural communities. For example, on average people would gain an extra two hours each day—about a 25-percent increase—for work outside the home and time to spend with the family and neighbors, as well as educational opportunities like studying and reading.

“When I gave one of these lighting units to a family living in a home outside my place of birth in India, I was amazed with the shine on their faces,” said Solar Gem CEO Khimji Vaghjiani. “I know for an absolute fact that lighting up lives can be a noble, as well as profitable, business proposition. We’re excited about the progress we’ve made so far and look forward to continued success in the coming months.”

The Solar Gem team brings 60 years of field experience gained from working in reputable global organizations, deep market connections and academic credentials. The company is backed by a team of global advisors who not only believe in the product, but have the passion to make a difference. Vaghjiani was named Australian Innovator of the Year in January 2010 by the G’DAY USA Innovation Shoot Out program.

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